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  • Re: Email change

    You will have to submit a support ticket to change the email associated with your account.

  • Re: Death in-game

    In GW2, player characters never actually die, they're just defeated.

  • Re: Eater of Souls - The Departed

    @Theocraft.6053 said:
    dear god, threads like that are serious? just try few more times and you get it, try something else, something different... I am NOT a pro player and I've done this on my first go. The moment Arena net starts changing everything because some people are lazy this game will start to be mockery of games it will be so easy. And will be boring.

    Can you please go into detail how you did it, I am all about help, just saying "I did it on the first go" is no help at all, give us things like, the build you used, what class you used, gear, rotation, all the details, you know, actual help.

  • Re: [Suggestion] + Will we get some sort of Recompensation for The server Problems?

    So let me see, I paid £26, which will give me access to all new content over the next couple of years = about £1 a month. The (not unexpected) disruption over the launch weekend kept me from playing for a couple of hours (actually no bad thing as I was binging a bit!). So I think that merits a pro rata refund of about 5p. Come on Anet, do the right thing and credit us all with 1 gem by way of compensation.

  • Is it ok to lock the Gryphon mount behind a gold sink collection.

    I will definitely spend my gold to unlock this mount because I am a GW2 lover and I cannot be healed. Most people told me that with a full mastered Griffon is like you fly with a super-jet plane. As most of you already know, this mount is unlocked by completing a collection where you have to buy 10 items, 25 gold each so you have to spend 250 gold. Do you guys think it is ok to lock a new mount, with new abilities, with new masteries to level(so a bigger mastery level) behind a gold sink. 250 gold is definitley no a small price. Even raids who were not for everybody offered you the chance to unlock the mastery track just by doing one simple boss like escort or prison camp.

  • Re: Eater of Souls - The Departed

    Ive never complained about boss fights..but wow this is ridiculous. I dont want to spend all this time trying to defeat this. Lol.
    Also cant access my inventory to repair my gear. Nice one haha

  • Re: 46-59K dps. Brace yourselves for the inevitable nerf sledgehammer.

    Wait, are people saying an almost 2 minute fight is "Burst phase"? Do you know what a burst phase is?

    Even if they did NOTHING for another 2 minutes they'd still be higher DPS than everyone but the top tiers.

  • Re: Prices for mounts?

    @Vladish.3940 said:
    Personally I am never getting jackal of the griffon mounts. In five years of CASUAL gaming, I have never been over 2g mark. At this point I don't know if I will be even able to afford a skimmer :/ Not everyone is interested in fractals or raids, or farming. Some of us only play story elements, and I mean, exclusively those. And there is nowhere near enough gold to be made there.

    Dude, are you serious? You can get literally make 2g in like 10 minutes by doing the dailies...

  • Re: PoF: annoyingly huge aggro radius

    It's not just the aggro, it's the insane spawn rate. I was in a cave (looked like a dwelling) dealing with some veteran bats, I kill one another immediately spawns. This happened over and over, it just wouldn't end. The interior of the caved looked cool, but I never got a chance to check it out. Over by the brand I was caught in a small area by some veteran forged things, again they just kept spawning. Someone finally came along and helped out and eventually they stopped spawning. It was easily 10 or 12 veterans, 2 or 3 at a time. I like a challenge, but this is ridiculous.

  • Re: PoF: annoyingly huge aggro radius

    That's exactly why they did it, I stated it before, but you can't compete with the aggro radius on foot. It's fine when you're mounted, but one they dismount you and you're outclassed, you're dead...

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