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  • Re: I don't like Transmutation Charges

    @Haleydawn.3764 said:

    @Knacker.9520 said:
    I just worked out how the wardrobe feature works and im completely blown away by the IN-YOUR-FACE money grab on this feature. I'm beside myself. Its like $1 to change each item, and if you want to keep looking the same throughout your leveling experience, you need to keep spending a $1 for each piece of Armour you change out during the leveling progress...This is incredible. You guys make EA look like a bunch of school kids with this blatant money grab.

    Not a bad game buy the way. Enjoying it so far.

    Never transmute low level armour. Buy an outfit instead, the only thing I personally think they’re good for is levelling.

    Map completion, pvp and wvw for transmutation charges. You also get 3/month from login rewards.

    Not really a money grab if you can earn tons in game... I have 150ish charges atm.

    Pretty much this. Leveling in Gw2 goes very fast that any transmuted gear you have quickly gets outleveled. Once you hit lvl80, that is when you can focus on aquiring armor with desireable stats and hunt for skins you want to use to finalize that sweet look you have in mind.

    Glad you are enjoying the game otherwise tho!

  • Re: Please save progress inside story instances in case of lost connection!

    at gw1 ppl dc, will have a short time limit let they come back

    idk why gw2 didn't

  • Please Ban Scourge From PVP

    ^^^^^ title

  • Re: Tyria Mastery points Hard compared to others

    I can understand that you're frustrated, especially since you didn't realize that putting "just one point" into fractal mastery would mess things up for your Pact Commander progress.
    (Please don't let your frustration translate into unrealistic expectations: the original system was always going to feel harder than any tweaks they made later. Of course some core Tyria mastery points are time consuming, because people had already been playing core Tyria for 3 years.)

    Here are some other "no skill required" points:

    • Defeat Tequatl: show up on the map 20 minutes early (schedule available by typing in game, /wiki et)
    • Karka Queen killer: ditto, but 10 minutes early is fine.
    • Ruler of Shinies: use LFG to find an organized Dry Top group. Be at her gate at :48 (she spawns at :50, if the map reaches T4).
    • Complete LS2. (6-7 points iirc; like the personal story, you get 1 point per chapter).

    There are also several others that aren't all that hard.

  • Re: [Suggestion] New Daily Login Reward System

    So, the suggestion is designed to reduce Anet's revenue and is less fair to players. I am not sure why the company would want to enact a system designed to be unfair and to lower their income. Perhaps if the OP were to supplement the game's income by purchasing extra accounts to offset the loss. I am sure that a few thousand accounts per year would suffice.

  • Remove "weakness" from the game

    Protection is already there to give significant damage reduction.

  • Re: Remove "weakness" from the game

    @Ithilwen.1529 said:
    Weakness is a main function of Mirage Mirrors. If it were actually highly useful, you'd see mirrors regularly in PvP. You don't. This is a strong sign that weakness really is not very effective.

    I...I thought Mirage Mirrors weren't used in PvP because to use them, you have to go to a specific location, which is easy for the opponent to bomb the hell out of before and after the evasion buff.

  • Re: Fetch your Guild Wars 2 spvp memes

    ArenaNet: Behind the scenes.

  • Re: Remove "weakness" from the game

    @Crinn.7864 said:

    @Flarre.4850 said:

    @Crinn.7864 said:

    @Sorem.9157 said:
    Condition Damage builts only need Condition Damage to be effective

    Power Based builds need Power, Precision, Ferocity and awareness of Weakness.

    base amount of power stat a character has: 1000
    base amount of condition damage a character has: 0

    Your condition does damage even at 0 and don t have to crit to be effective.

    You are forgetting that power attacks have a base damage too that is derived from your weapon strength.

    All classes and weapons do power damage baseline. However if you want to condi damage you must invest in stats.

    I have never seen a direct damage build that doesn't need to invest in stats to deal damage. Direct damage dealer even need to invest in three stats compared to just 1 for condition damage dealer. Also there is much more stuff that further reduces direct damage. Toughness, protection, weakness, various old traits pre-HoT that only affect direct damage (this actually goes both ways increase and decrease), not to mention that all invuls I can think of let you still take condition damage.

  • Re: is (currently) the GW2 PvP a chaos?

    No kitten, PvP is in the biggest mess I have ever seen it.

    Will this poll make arena net do a single thing? Probably not like the other 100.

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