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  2. The class can already give out might and fury so anet dose not feel that enofe to be a truly valuable as a support roll in group pve content. So yes anet thinks support classes needs these boons to be valuable to groups.
  3. I think it will be more in a way how equipment templates work when you use the same item in multiple templates (which is when you see a small chain on an item telling you it's already used in another template, but you can still add it to another one), so you'll basically "store" your legendaries in account armory and then will be able to pick it in a relevant equipment slot on any character that can use it. But we will need to wait and see.
  4. You can't say anything else to me ... because it's absurd to conclude that Anet defines support classes to be quickness/alacrity boon sharing just because they gave Scrapper quickness boon-sharing to enhance their offensive support.
  5. Wait until you play a Sylvari and ask this NPC what the Pale Tree is like you don't know.
  6. it hasn't had access to the offensive boons it needs to be truly valuable as a support role in group PvE content I am at a lost what else i can say to you. What boon dose scraper not have access to to make it truly valuable as an support role in pve group content?
  7. I'm a bit worried by the very low population. I was on a tourny a few minutes ago (5:15pm Est Lyssa on a Sunday afternoon) and there were 10 teams enrolled in the tournament = 40 players. 40 players willing to play serious pvp on a Sunday afternoon. This is just an example. I wish there are some real thoughts to increase the population. Otherwise it's on the path of death. Some ideas? - maybe gather EU and NA also. Even though time zones are different. But at least the base population would be gathered and could find some common time slots.. - maybe also add some ince
  8. Sure .. for scrapper, IN THIS WAY, it's what Anet did to make them a better support class ... but that shouldn't lead you to conclude that Anet defines all support classes to have quickness/alacrity boon sharing. That's absurd. There are LOTS of ways for classes to give offensive team support and NOT have quickness/alacrity boon sharing.
  9. Reaper solved Necro's biggest weakness in PvE; lack of melee power-cleave. It still does an awesome job in this role. That Reaper can even be used in PvP is a privilege and you can look back at all of the past nerfs for proof it was over-tuned. There was no need for a viable Reaper build in PvP. The same was true for Scourge. When you review Necromancer's two elite specializations at a high level, it is easy to see their main purpose is overcoming the two worst problems with the core profession in group PvE, which are terrible peak dps and poor utility. We are lucky Arenanet finall
  10. Let's just say that anything I do brought in WvW will be extremely similar to the PvP aspect. I may be judging too quickly but it should be first tested as is before I can even decide if it's worth it at all. Do have a question though, if Vitality like having 24k is better than the toughness equivalent, how come that you're able to survive with less toughness than the latter. Something toughness normally wouldn't survive power wise, but with more vitality there will be further damage. I've always viewed toughness as the alternative to having poor healing abilities while
  11. As an example: as a weaver my meteor crit a guy in wvw for 2323 today, and I'm in full berserker armor, all runes and sigils optimal for dps. Elementalist is NOT in a good place. WvW is now a boon uptime, tank+condi+stealth fest. Why does the devs continue to nerf us elementalists and staff especially? Or just not change anything and buff so many others. That PVE balance tho, that perfect complex standstill rotation large target dps tho... I'm very disappointed. Any comments ? Do you have a class you recommend me to change to @Fire Attunement.9835? You really broke the trade-off between d
  12. So scraper was not made an support class by anet waiting it to be an support class in this way?
  13. Balancing by anet may have a cost on there player base and there standing but they can do any thing they want for balancing. There a cost to max min for an pve fight is up to the player and should not be something about playing the "right class" that why i am for giving more classes these strong boons.
  14. The problem is too much of everything but damage. Glass cannons can't be glass cannons in this game because they also have too much mobility, stealth, and other nonsense that makes them not really glassy at all. Glass cannons should have to commit to combat and win by pressure. They should not be able to effortlessly disengage whenever they please. That's how you justify BIG damage.
  15. I know what Anet said about Scrapper. There is no relationship between that statement and the conclusion you made that support classes should have quickness/alacrity boon sharing because of whatever definition you think Anet created for support classes. That's simply something you made up to justify your idea that ele should have that ability.
  16. Yes that is anet said. While the Scrapper can be played as an effective healer, it hasn't had access to the offensive boons it needs to be truly valuable as a support role in group PvE content. As a result, we've seen the Scrapper get very little play outside of WvW. With this update, we're reworking the Scrapper trait Kinetic Stabilizers so that Scrappers can apply the quickness boon on up to five targets, opening up a powerful boon support role for the specialization. Yes that is anet said. Scraper already can give might and fury on some level so it HAS access to though offensive b
  17. OK ... I didn't say boons have theme, so whatever point your trying to make to me doesn't make sense. The things a class gets are related to the theme of the class. If a class doesn't get a boon to share, it's likely that boon share might not fit the theme of the class.
  18. We went over this boons have no theme its how the boons are applied that is the theme. Though auras super speed or fields.
  19. Balancing costs and gains and arriving at a good combination is definitely not the same as heving everything at no cost. You're shifting goalposts here. Probably because you realized that your original claim had no basis in reality. But i will humour you. Which build has "good enough" combination of dps, heal and all boons in one package? (Hint: it's none of the builds you have already mentioned - they all lack one of those elements. In fact, i don;t think any has even two of them fully)
  20. Ok .. but you can't conclude that's part of how Anet defines support classes. That's just your fabrication.
  21. Then there is no reason for people to respond to them like this one where they are saying it is wrong.
  22. I have no idea where you are going with this so I'm going to bring you back around to the point: Anet controls the class theme so if a class doesn't have an ability, then it could be because that ability doesn't fit the theme. Elite specs and roles have nothing to do with the idea that giving ele ala/quickness boon share because you claim Anet has 'defind' support classes with these abilities is completely absurd.
  23. I am not making any thing up they gave scraper quinkness to be more usable as an support. That is meaningful.
  24. Both are fine. The forums are looking desperate over anything.
  25. No, it's not. If you don't plan to respond then why are you still quoting me? You don't "have to respond", but it's another thing when you don't have anything valid to respond with despite still """responding""" while quoting the posts you don't want to respond to, so just pointing out the obvious. 😁 Me or you "not being anet dev" is as irrelevant as it was before, still not sure why you keep repeating it. And apprently neither are you. "Bog down the chat about balancing and power creep"? You're literally THE one person cheering for more power c
  26. Its pointless as long as you do enofe dps to kill a boss or player your good the more dmg is just time save but that dose nothing for the game. That what max min is. Same could be said for def skill and effects.
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