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  2. I did contact support and got no answer. Also, since my country is not on banned list of other Steam games, its hard to believe Steam decided to suddenly ban Ukraine from 1 game. And at last, since i bought game from arenanet store, and such way contributed game development to this point, Steam release included, I think anet could at LEAST answer properly why i dont have access to feature. EVEN IF anet is not behind decision, I should receive answer from service PROVIDER as CONSUMER. and answer like, "go elsewhere ask other guy" is not acceptible.
  3. Tiger skin for my jackal. My ranger now has tiger mount, tiger pet and tiger spirit mini. 🙂
  4. This balance patch was outstanding, keep up with the positive momentum. I personally wished that the balance team could look into and rework the utility skills for Daredevils, because these have been useless for so many years.
  5. I don't know man, could have killed taimi early on and rolled through the mists with balthazar. Slap blish and Brahammom somewhere and we got a good Rytlogan combo to deal with all this shet.
  6. Depends on the Mount. I have some favorites for different Mounts; even more than 1 for particular Mounts.
  7. Have you checked your keybinds? They were recently changed.
  8. The Kintsugi jackal is my favourite mount skin right now.
  9. Did you contact the CS Team and ask? Or read what other posters said the CS Team said?
  10. You can just use your normal copy? Why would you buy the steam version if you already have one.. ? Thats just weird..
  11. It's definitely not healthy for mirage in raid. I doubt that normal mirage players were getting anything close to the numbers to justify a 25% reduction in damage on the axe ambush. Mech has been the go-to condi anything right now, so it was kind of shocking. The staff nerfs don't make much sense either as warlock is a DPS loss and normally only used for clone generation. You're right though, OW is fine. I don't play mirage in OW anymore though.
  12. So, buy gems and get another character slot. Support the game. They're like, what, 800 gems?
  13. At this point a completely random “ranked” matching system would result in better matches than the current kitten MMR that tries to force a win rate instead of actually making 2 competitive teams.
  14. That is insightfully said, wow. I guess this is why I have a hard time "getting" the mentality, is because regardless of how I felt in the past (I don't remember real well tbh) at this point in my life, I see video game "accomplishments" in a very tenuous way, as something I can enjoy now but that I will lose one day (especially MMOs which are subject to shutdown at any time without recourse). So much of my bigger "goals" in this game, for example, is oriented toward increasing my fun down the road, provided I can do it without ruining the experience now; pursuing legendaries for the convenien
  15. this makes re-suggest the idea of game mode specific F6-F0 skill bar keys. PVE: the slots would be reserved for 1) race skills (fixes the Rev complaint of having no access to race skills) 2) a collection that unlocks environment / story skills as they are encountered in game. (such as picking up rocks on the ground and equipping skills unique to personal story and story journal) 3) instance -specific skills to deal with balance in the instanced content that don't affect open world content (like fractals, raids, strikes could each have their own selection of F6-F0 skills)
  16. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but gw2 currently does not work on lutris, ive tried both from the website and they throw the same error and close out.
  17. Can we please re-organize the daily fractals? On 1 day (or 2) it happens that Sunqua is Daily (T1-4) and Recommended on t3 aswell. Doing sunqua twice a day is kinda annoying. & it would be a waste skipping a daily, when someone is already at it.
  18. They couldn't allow a build with no auto attack (talking primarily about pistol kits, i think mace was already less dps than rifle after jump shot fix) to out perform the one that they are actively encouraging to faceroll (to that builds own detriment)
  19. Which mount skins are your favorite? Why? Especially interested in warclaw skins.
  20. I wish I could upvote a comment twice, but this part especially I completely agree with. I didn't went into specifics about the kind of rewards, or what would make you elligible or not for said buff/reward because the more you go into details, the more the thread is likely to deviate over those small details instead of keeping the discussion focused on the general idea / people's experience as commanders.
  21. Yeah Mirage is an unfortunate casualty in the plan to balance everything. I don't think it was as malicious as people make it out but yeah being a Mirage before a nerf does suck and is why where a lot of anxiety around picking a class comes from. I think the thing to remember(like a few others have pointed out), Most of the balance goes to the very very end-game. Open World Mirage will be fine post-Nerf, it only effects the top 5% players. I mean it wont effect any of the content I play since I don't CM or Raid.
  22. Such a tonal difference between here and subreddit. The sub is mostly looking forward to showing new people the game while here it's a bunch of debbie downers complaining. Hopefully new players will avoid the official forums.
  23. How can you die as Sword/focus Weaver in 1 vs 1? I guess you play it with a dps Amulet? Don't. Take Sage Amulet. Weaver/Arcane/Earth traits. Crit immunity in Earth trait is mandatory. You can go Fire instead of Earth, if you feel comfortable enough, slightly higher dmg but much lower survivability. Rotate through your Attunements often: Earth and Water when you need defense of party support and Fire + Air when you need dmg. The dmg part is not bad at all. You are one of the best 1vs 1 profession in the game, even though your role should be at least slightly support oriented.
  24. Also, mentor may be for getting a group together but I find it also more just a marker or someone helping out on starter maps, while a commander tag denotes someone you can port to for a world boss, meta event, or one of the jumping puzzles that are a pain. I do see mobs of apples at times when people get bored waiting for events. I don't see mobs of comm tags. So where's the problem? Mentors, please enlighten new players on the difference and preferred uses. Comms, keep on doing your thing and summoning hoards of people and herding cats.
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