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  2. The mirage has added damage from ambushes. Regardless, guardian is the LAST class to need buffs in PVE of all places. Why should a support/CC weapon be doing damage on par with a full offensive weapon such as Greatsword? It isn't the case for hammer on warrior , staff on druid, staff on elementalist, or staff on revenant. The coefficients on hammer right now are 0.8, 0.8, 2.5 including symbol (1.0+1.5) with 3.45 total auto chain time = 1.188 power coefficient per second. Mighty blow (hammer 2) is 2.1 power coefficient on 4 cooldown. Greatsword is 0.8,0.8,1.2 but takes 2.5s = 1.12 p
  3. I'm getting no response from hitting the queue button for pvp at all. I don't get an error code or anything like, it just won't let me queue.
  4. You are right ... not everything is fine BUT we do have to appreciate Anet's intent of what Hammer is to make valid suggestions to improve it. For me the point of that video is: Hammer IS effective at doing what Anet intends for it to do (which should be obvious to any objective analysis of it) ... but probably TOO much because of what we all know is a overly feature-loaded AA skill.
  5. Vs everything in current meta
  6. Then why did you say earlier: ...when you know I'm running Daredevil (not core Thief) and SA, not CS or Deadly Arts? How would your build have fared in my clip above? Still instagib I think, unless it can tank 20K from stealth. Not knocking your build--it sounds interesting--but as @Lan Deathrider.5910 said: Can anyone name another build that can currently instagib (from stealth) everything but a full minstrel/Sentinel warrior, AND have enough juice to duel down another player? No? See the problem?
  7. I dunno, i do not think there is enough pvp population to handle banning the bots. If anything anet probably need to add bots to booster the population.
  8. There have been some idiotic revamps for engineers in the past couple years, especially for scrapper. Explosive entrance - first attack fires off a free aoe that can crit and refreshes on a dodge, no cooldown, and for some reason has a 1.25 coefficient in pve/wvw but 0.9 in pvp, why? Yet Mirage gets a dodge nerf to their mirage cloak mechanic that evades, Mesmers get a nerf to evasive mirror that reflect projectiles on evade from 2s to 1.5s duration and then cooldown from 1.5s to 10s. But this trait gets no cooldown, refresh on dodge, free aoe damage that can crit? Impa
  9. I also do not know why this broken mess is still in the game. Really unfun to roaming at the moment when this grenade spammers are everywhere.
  10. None of this makes sense to me, primarily because you aren't describing any problem here. Whether you think this is PR speak or not isn't really relevant. What is the problem with Anet selling things on the GS? Have you forgot that you can buy ANYTHING on the GS with gold, so whatever issue you seem to be indicating exists because "stuff on the GS" is made irrelevant by this? There isn't any lie here. You ask who they are trying to sell GS content to ? The players ... what kind of weird question is that? Seriously ... I don't get the outrage, this isn't an attempt at me being obtuse. You
  11. Good showcase of its potential, however, may give new players false expectations since not every fight goes as well as you highlighted here.
  12. There is no bots problem in Ba Sing Se. You also have invitation to lake Laogai.
  13. Pretty kitten sure it was PR speak, cause they pissed people off with the Flame whatever retexture. Argue semantics all you want, there was an mutual agreement between people and Arenanet that they will not kitten up the game with the gem store. But with time and bit by bit they have been putting rewards that should have been in game but are in the gem store or even worse in the lootbox, and since they did it slowly and there was not big pushback and it became the status quo. Cool they have padded their bottom line profits but kittened up their retention, all these profit schemes will cost the
  14. First, when you look at the DPS log on that video, the highest damage that a hammer guardian does is about 10.2k dps, while the highest damage from a mirage auto is about 20k dps. And I'm gonna guess that all guardians are running berserker gear since they are at low HP Second, any talks about reworking hammer aren't just about the auto attack, it's regularly about all the skills being updated in some form and some talk about the trait being reworked too. Complaints about the auto are almost exclusively about how slow and unresponsive it feels in the middle of combat. Complaints about the
  15. Well thats just how it is. If a ranger has a pet the other person has to keep track of 2 entities. Thats ok 👌. for balancing the ranger should have less health or defense. Making the core utilities good is subjective. I personally think they are good. All engineer utilities are situational . Like everyone wants skills to work in the way they invision them to work. The problem is everyone has a different vision. not that it pertains to this, but ive always felt like necro/reaper shroud was OP because you cant get health damage while active. I wonder if necro/reaper are the on
  16. I can only guess but: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Human_female_medium_armor Since a lot of the medium [upper] armors are trenchcoats with parts going below the waste, suddenly having pants -instead of armors- with added buttcapes for that weight would result in all sorts of bad clipping, which would make it unusable with most medium armor skins. Basically "we did it for so long that now we pretty much have to keep doing it the same way or it won't fit with anything else and might as well be an outfit".
  17. My Condi Necro will produce an effusive gush of white numbers apparently as a result of the condition damage while I am upright and alive. When I am downed, but still alive the flow of numbers turns red. Is there some meaning to this other than to denote that I am still producing damage except in the horizontal position ? Thank you and I looked on /wiki for this but couldn't come up with the key phrase that explains this phenomenon.
  18. Ridhais in my home instance is not accepting my vision crystal but the item is in my characters inventory. The achievement shards of a thorn is completed. Tried: relogging, restarting client, other character, reloading instance, reloading map. Still nothing.
  19. I can't promise drama, but I can keep on posting until the mountain of posts can no longer he ignored.
  20. Except ranger pet is a command based minion, but that still garners a lot of complaints. You press the f1 to "mark" an enemy, effectively, and you press the f2 to do a strong attack. That doesn't fix a lot of the other issues people have with ranger pets on principle: - They still do damage to your enemy when you are denying LoS. - They can still attack when you are kiting/pressured, allowing you to peel for yourself with ease. - They are a separate entity, which means your opponent has to keep track of two sets of animations in a 1v1, while you have to keep track of only one.
  21. It can be anything. Even the golemancer that some fear, using jade technology and energy in it's F kit to manage, repair, protect and recharge their golem's jade batteries... through jade energy beams. 😋 Who knows. 😅 Some green jade radiation/energy and mechanics based in jade technology, etc. 🙄 The posture seems to indicate that it will have a certain range and the armor that there is some technology equipped. Outside that, it can be anything. We'll see. 😁
  22. That's the nature of 3 way fights, there's always a double team happening, if sos was attacking bg instead it would be a double team on bg then, will you cry on behalf of bg then? You don't take turns doing 1v1's, if that was the intended way to play they would have just made it 2 server matchup instead. Accept this fact and work with it. There's positives and negatives to this setup, there are times when it's not in your favor, but also times when it is. But part of the problem is when going for points it's just easier to just go after the weakest side, there is nothing to encoura
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