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  2. That last bit is very very true. The first achievement i felt deserved was something special was "Light in the Darkness" Back when Liadra was one of the hardest foes in the game. Took well over 100 trys on my gaurdian before i got her, but oh man i took so many screenshots then. Still have em too πŸ˜„
  3. The big thing is that there are a group that do not believe it's Guard and they are aggressively arguing this. It became a heated debate. Anet saw, saw that it's starting discussions, and know that all they are doing is making the argument worse by bringing it to social media and stirring the pot more. They are just intentionally causing mischief. (I've seen other gaming Twitter accounts do this.) Though I honestly want it to be anything other than a Sword. Torch, Focus, Scepter, Shield, Long Bow, or Warhorn. Anything but OH Sword or another Two Handed weapon.
  4. Lostarks combat really doesnt look appealing in general so im not surprised there. There is so much that can be done with a pistol, from offhand buff skills (firing into the sky causing a AoE buff or debuff, chain skills/flip over skills (dash to target, attack target cause debuff/cc and evade backwards). Depending on how creative they have made the weapon, we shall see on the next set of reveals, I do not believe this will be anything like rifle. Rifle feels like a pure damage only no utility weapon (that evade i will not count as utility, way too delayed to be reliable) I am
  5. Don't play in the first week. The magic find buff invites a lot of bots. If you take a look, most of the top 100 haven't even finished their placement yet. They know to stay away from the first couple days. It takes time for the bots to sink down to low ranks. Let others do the hard work of playing with the bots, stay away for now.
  6. I think it may be a Thief but my mind hope that it’s a new Guadian elite spec bcoz I expect new Thief elite spec gonna be cooler than this artwork
  7. It does have legendary armor, along with that, get to rank 10k and you get a title. Plenty of rewards through pips now(Though i dont know if you was present back then.).
  8. Hi this is urgent! im a day 1 player and i never seen trading post like this before, just now i tried selling my items and i didnt have any lag at all.I repeat i was able to sell my items and i didnt have lag-loading time!!! something is seriously going wrong here you guys better check.
  9. how is this still a thing? I've done The Last Chance 7 F***KING TIMES NOW, THE WHOLE kitten THING. 7 TIMES
  10. Apologies, a followup question: Has any purposes been added to WvW? Or is it still just for bragging rights, etc? Any reward at the end of the week (or whatever the timeframe is these days) ?
  11. for me it is around 8~9.. really like the theme, can't wait to travel to cantha
  12. Thinking about giving GW2 another go... I havent played for about 3.5 years. Been playing Crowfall for the last month, and while it is a fun game it gave me the itch to come back to Gw2 for WVW. How is WvW in its current state? I remember big rushes onto maps every Friday night to begin capping points etc.. with overnight crews and what not. Thoughts?
  13. I think I would prefer they changed the symbol or added information when you hover over it, pretty quick and easy and one less step for a player
  14. Tickets are answered in the order received. Your friend will have to wait for his ticket to make it through the queue. No CS Team member/GM would respond to another player's post; they will only discuss account action with the account owner.
  15. So, you wish the Devs to balance 9 * 4 * 9 * 4 Professions/sub-classes. A balancing nightmare.
  16. Lotta games have this as a basic feature nowadays and I enjoy it very much. To take screenshots in GW2 I gotta pewp around with camera position in menu and then hopefully get it back to original position afterwards cuz it's a slider with no numbers for accuracy. And yes ofc, FFXIV's version of it is intensely amazing and the best I've used. Even Fallout 76 was able to create a decent one I've taken tons of screens with and that games an embarassment in most ways.
  17. Is there any chance of an official High Resolution Texture Pack being released by the developers? In the event that DX11 support and/or multithread support comes to the game, running this on my 70" 4K home theater system would be sweet, but with low resolution textures, not so much.
  18. having a WSR link and still 0.9kdr, even WSR can't carry you in fights, becasue you constanly rally enemies and make it hard for wsr players
  19. Yup, spending ur whole energy bar on Shiro stunbreak and being unable to do anything after is definitely not clunky bc to this day for some reasons weapon skill still consume energy despite all the benefits that came with it are gone.
  20. We fight for the server name, for server pride and server hate
  21. pikunah is a pve server, what can you teach us? you have like 0.6-0.7 kdr unless you get a fighting linked server and compensate your low skilled players by dead hours karmatrains
  22. Yes he did. But look, if he cant play he cant buy preorder, he cant buy gems, he cant play after he pay for game that is bad..
  23. Nothing you can do mate, there might be longer ques now since EoD preorders have bugged out so more then usual volume of tickets. Did he get the instant reply that ticket was received?
  24. "-World Meta events take HUGE amounts of time (2 hr+ each meta), fail regularly" Yeah, those complainers sure knew what they were talking about πŸ™ƒ It's funny because when you read through that thread, OP's complaints boiled down to not enough instant gratification.
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