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  1. Last week
  2. We've been working over the past few days to investigate and address the ongoing issue with Black Lion Instant Level 80 Tickets, and we'd like to provide an update on our previous announcement. For the time being, we've removed the ability to purchase these items, and packages containing them, from the Gem Store. Due to the complexity of the issue, we expect that their purchase and use will need to remain disabled for several more days. We understand how frustrating this situation is and that you'd like to use your boosts and the Shared Inventory Slot they come in, and we want to res
  3. We have temporarily disabled the ability to purchase Black Lion Instant Level 80 Tickets, as well as packages containing the item, in order to address an ongoing issue.
  4. Update: You all should be un-stuck now--let me know if you are still stuck!
  5. Here are the worlds for EU: Abaddon's Mouth (DE), Ruins of Surmia (EN) Aurora Glade (EN), Vizunah Square (FR) Baruch Bay (SP) Desolation (EN), Kodash (DE) Drakkar Lake (DE), Dzagonur (DE) Elona Reach (DE), Miller's Sound (DE) Far Shiverpeaks (EN), Fort Ranik (FR) Fissure of Woe (EN), Blacktide (EN) Gandara (EN) Gunnar's Hold (EN), Vabbi (EN) Jade Sea (FR), Augury Rock (FR) Piken Square (EN), Whiteside Ridge (EN) Riverside (DE) Seafarer's Rest (EN), Arborstone (FR) Underworld (EN), Ring of Fire (EN)
  6. 07/27/2021—Late Notes General Fixed an issue that prevented the earth elemental from dying when the Champion Crazed Harathi High Sage was defeated in the "Defeat the massive earth elemental and stop the Harathi High Sage" event. Added markers to the Elite Harathi Earthcallers during the pre-event period of the "Defeat the massive earth elemental and stop the Harathi High Sage" event. Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs will now exchange Slumbering Conflux and Slumbering Transcendence for the nonslumbering versions of Confl
  7. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that prevented Level-80 Boosts and Shared Inventory Slots from being delivered. NOTE: These items are still temporarily disabled.
  8. Hi all, we are looking into this issue now so we can get it resolved. Thanks for posting about it and sharing details--they have been helpful!
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to jump into this thread and let you know that I am talking with other teams about this to confirm that everyone who needs to be is aware of this and working on it. I'm sorry about the issue, but we'll have it corrected as soon as we can.
  10. Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue with the UI on selected targets. Fixed a server crash.
  11. Delivery of Level 80 Boosts and Shared Inventory Slots has been temporarily disabled so that we can address an issue. We’ll re-enable them after the issue has been corrected, and players will automatically receive their items. Thank you for your patience.
  12. Okay, we are good! Thank you both for the update, and thanks everyone for your patience!
  13. This should be working now--if you've been affected by this issue can you check and see if you're able to create the character? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this but I want to let you know that we are aware of this issue and we're working on it!
  15. 07/27/2021—July 27 Release Notes Living World Bonus Event: World Boss Rush This week, the World Boss Rush is on! Defeat massive bosses around the world to gain bonus loot and contribute to global progress. As the world achieves goal tiers, all participants will receive extra prizes. To see which bosses will appear next and their locations, just check the event display. The rush continues for one week, so be sure to join in! General Added support for Living World Return Seasons 4 and 5. Updated the map name of the story mission In Pursuit of Caudecus to match its que
  16. Hello everyone! Please use this thread to discuss Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons gameplay and the new elite specializations.
  17. Hello everyone! Please use this thread to discuss the siege turtle in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.
  18. Hello everyone! Please use this thread to discuss Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons story and lore.
  19. Hello everyone! Please use this thread to discuss Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons skiffs and fishing!
  20. Earlier
  21. Hi all, Thank you to everyone who participated in the Twisted Marionette bonus event this past week! We’ve been keeping a close eye on our internal analytics and the community discussions during the event, and we wanted to share what’s next for the Twisted Marionette. The Marionette is a demanding fight and individual players have a huge impact on the outcome of the event. It requires significant coordination and collaboration – much more so than most of the other world events. We think it’s fair to say that it’s taken some players outside of their comfort zone. However, we’re happy
  22. Hm, that isn't something that should be happening. What is your ticket number?
  23. I can help answer this question! It wasn't a matter of allowed or not, but rather having the idea and making it a reality. As the anniversary of The Event rolled around, Robert thought it would be interesting to break down the events of the day. He checked with us on the Communications Team and we loved the idea! Writing an extremely long (over three thousand words!), technical post like that takes time. Getting everything written, "translated" into layman's terms to make sure it was easy to follow, putting it through multiple rounds of feedback from other members of the team, polished, edi
  24. Hello, Tyrians, In January we posted information on ending support for the Guild Wars 2 Mac client . On August 31, we will end support for the Windows XP, Windows 32-bit, and Mac Guild Wars 2 clients. After that date, these clients will no longer function and can’t be used to access Guild Wars 2. We’re making this necessary change in preparation for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons and DX11 support. If you have questions about the best way to continue playing Guild Wars 2, please reach out to Customer Support for information and suggestions.
  25. Update: If you have not, relaunch the game and then you should be all good! This seems to be sorted, but if you're still having this issue after relaunching let us know!
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