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Game in fullscreen on second monitor

Hello community,

wondering if it is still an issue, to not be able to have the game in full screen mode on a second monitor?
To be exact, I would love to use the "windowed fullscreen" option on the monitor I have set to be the second one.
I was going to get back into the game, but this hiccup... is quite annoying. And seemingly no way around.

I tried

  • Right away after starting the game again for the first time today, I pressed WIN+cursor to move the window; no effect
  • Tried the "windowed fullscreen" option, with the same key combination; no effect
  • Set the option to "window mode"; this let me move the game window around and onto my second monitor. also resize it. but once i pressed WIN+up, or double-clicked the title bar, it would snap back to the primary monitor.

I will probably look into other options like 'dual monitor tools' etc.
And no, switching monitor 1/2 assignments is not really an option; Win10 has some weird behaviors when the task bar is not on your primary, etc.
Also please dont blame Win10. With 99% of other games or applications I use or have used this was no issue whatsoever.
Eg, the 'World of Warcraft' options make this really easy to set up any way you like it.
Is really the "old" graphic engine of GW2 to blame? I mean, other games have updated theirs over the years...

My Setup:

  • Gaming Laptop (13"), primary
  • external monitor via USB-C DP (27"), secondary



  • agaeon.7369agaeon.7369 Member
    edited March 12, 2020

    On my pc Win 10 i use SHIFT+WIN key + left or right cursor ,depends on what side did you setup monitor in settings.