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Events spawned by your Personal Story

Hello. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I love the lore and story of the game and how ANet really tied the gameplay and your personal choices together. Specifically, I really like that the particular choices you make for your toons can spawn special events when said toon passes through an area. Examples:

  • "Defeat the renegade charr" (Tumok's Last Stand, Blazeridge Steps). If your toon joined the Vigil and completed that story arc. The Renegades want revenge for you killing Ajax.
  • "Defeat the attacking Ministry Guards" (Stoneman's Notch, Harathi Hinterlands). If your toon joined the Order of Whispers and completed that story arc. Caudecus sends goons after you for helping his daughter get away.
  • "Kill the Risen commander to avenge Forgal/Sieran/Tybalt" (Mournful Depths/Whisperwill Bogs/Whisperwill Bogs). After completing The Battle of Claw Island, you are ambushed by Risen who want you to join your mentor in the Mists. These are actually three distinct events that spawn in three different locations.
  • "Destroy the undead mesmer illusions" (Onager Bivouac, Fireheart Rise). If you chose "Dishonor my allies" as your greatest fear, you meet illusions summoned by Tactician Syska/Labwan the Deceiver in this event.

The thing is: these are the only open world Personal Story-based but permanent and outside-of-Personal Story events that I know.

  • I don't know what event is spawned by joining the Durmand Priory and completing that story arc (which would be the Priory counterpart to the first two events in my examples).
  • I only recently discovered the undead mesmer illusions event while browsing the wiki. I don't know what its counterpart would be for the "Let an innocent die"* and "Make another suffer" greatest fear stories.
  • Are there any other special events spawned by your Personal Story choices?

Knowing these events would be pretty cool. In addition, I contribute to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki and I intend to link these stories together so players can appreciate them more.

Any helpful answers (and discussions) would be appreciated. Thank you!


  • Konig Des Todes.2086Konig Des Todes.2086 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The undead mesmer illusions event is regardless of your personal story. As for the Priory:

    There's, sadly, only 6 events spawned by your personal story. 3 for Chapter 4, and 3 for Chapter 6.

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  • I'm afraid I'm only familiar with the ones you've already mentioned, I hadn't even heard of the avenging Ajax one until now :/
    I imagine that these PS effected events are only going to be tied to parts of the story that are easier for the game to keep track of like what order you joined (and via that, which mentor you had) and a other choices the player makes.

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  • Konig, Greyhawk, thanks. At least I got the "for killing an enemy NPC" event for Priory.

    On the topic, just FYI, Tonn's widow ("Let an innocent die"), Medic Ceera, is present as an NPC in Auric Basin (Tarnished Treetop). She has unkind words for those she blames for Tonn's death. So that consequence of your Personal Story actually reaches far beyond the Core storyline.