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These constant crashes are getting out of hand!

Sorry ArenaNet I need to vent. I played the F2P version after building a brand new rig and wanted to dive into a MMO that I always wanted to try out but never really played. Little did I know I would be in the forums more often than playing to figure out how to address constant crashes left and right. I uninstalled and reinstalled the client, tested my PC, updated drivers, ran -diag and -repair more times than I can count. Finally after reading enough on the forums that crashes normally happen on an update, I decided that despite all of that the little in game time that I've experienced was worth buying the expansions and becoming a full member of the GW2 community.

Sadly nothing has changed (just check the crash logs I've sent when I get a crash, there are plenty) - I reached out to support and followed all the guides / test to run with little to no avail. Just tonight I crashed 3 times in just over an hour of played time. Once in a starting area awakened fight (lots of people there) so, eh , maybe to many people? who knows? The second opening up a talk menu for a banker!? and Third talking to a seraph!

I by and away have had more down time just trying to fix this game than actually enjoying it! I still have an open ticket, I'm still going to try and figure out what is the issue, please don't make me regret spending $29.99.

I see streamers playing without any crashes in well over 8 hours with graphics turned to the max and in some cases they are running specs that are under what I'm running and I'm turning down all my settings to low or medium because? maybe that will help?

This is the only game that I have this issue with and it's unfortunate because from what I have Watched over the past week or two you have a pretty cool game. One I hope I can play soon.