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Which class for easy map completion and story

i know there are lots of discussion like this. i just have to ask this my self. i already have 4 level 80 characters. Ranger, Necro, Guardian n Thief. just wanna know which class i should pick next? lots of people say warrior. im kinda an efficient kinda person so a class thatll be easy for map completions and story. i really love necro cause its easy to kill mobs and your minions take most of the damage so i dont die easily. so beside warrior what other option do i have?


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    For map complete/story you're looking mostly at power builds.
    I think ranger is the most consistently "easy class". I wouldn't say warrior is because you have to deal with kiting or use subpar ranged weapons.
    While guardian isn't very difficult, to make the most of it you would need to weaponswap and the low health pool without the passive defenses of warrior mean you need to use heals more often unless running firebrand (you use the mantra heal regaardless). Aegis does take a hit for you once in a while as well as the focus block if you're running the normal sword+focus / greatsword weaponsets.
    Necromancer (reaper is an easy class as long as you understand shroud, whereas condi scourge is easy but very slow for story /map complete) can be seen as a low difficulty class unless you need to deal with boonrip or healing.

    I see plenty of rangers that lack map awareness and are semi-afk just shooting their longbows and letting the pet do all the work.

    If you have leveled thief the long way I would say you should have an easy time on most other classes. The classes you're missing:
    warrior (ranging things could be a problem but it's not overly difficult as if you wanted to you could camp double axe most of the time),
    engineer (holosmith obviously has a minor complication with overheat mechanic as well as heat interactions and use of kits to drop out of photon forge, but scrapper is extremely easy if you camp hammer + bomb kit / mortar as all you do otherwise is deploy gyros),
    revenant (plays sort of like thief due to energy mechanic),
    mesmer (shatters are unintuitive to most people so the renegade meta is superior to chrono for easiness),
    elementalist (low base health pool & dual attunements means playing weaver is harder than any other class except old chrono probably, tempest eliminates the difficulty).

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    Warrior with strength and defense is unkillable in PvE hence why do many people recommend it. That and you can carry a hard cc set in your second weapon set and break every bar.

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    I've recently picked up warrior (it and Necro were the only 2 classes I haven't really been able to enjoy). But I discovered the joy that is axe, and Spellbreaker adds a lot of depth and complexity to the one-dimensional core warrior.

    I'm using this build, I have 100% crit chance with fury (you can swap some Assassins trinkets for Zerker and make up for the lost precision with food, but I like having freedom on what food to use), perma 25 might, a ton of sustain with Might makes right, Healing Signet as well as the defensive layers of Full Counter and the crazy endurance regen from MMR and Building Momentum (combined with the burst spam thanks to Attacker's Insight).

    It takes a bit of practice to make the most out of Full Counter, but it's a very fun and rewarding build and I'm having a blast.

    Another suggestion would be Power Chrono. It's actually quite a deceptively tanky build, since mesmer has its fair share of defensive utility, but also all the phantasms and clones you spam will quite often draw aggro away from you. A drawback though is that phantasms require a lot of precision, so unlike most classes that can swap a couple of trinkets and use the same gear for both open world and fractals/raids, mesmer would require a more focused build to get the most out of it. But it's not a deal-breaker, since pve is easy enough that you can afford to be less optimal.

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    I solo many champions with soulbeast

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