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Canthan themed gemstore sale

Following the update regarding upcoming changes, features and sudden (hopefully Canthan) Expansion annoucement, is there any chance you could re-release or maybe add some new 'far-east themed' skins?
Skins like Belinda's Greatsword or Imperial Outfit and Hexed Outfit. Or even make the female version of the hat from Hexed Outfit as a standalone helm skin?
It would make such a nice addition to the waredrobe and would ease the wait for the changes so much :)

It's ridiculous! It's preposterous! It's ludicrous! By god, it's impetuous!


  • Kanok.3027Kanok.3027 Member ✭✭✭

    Check your Statuettes for the Greatsword skin.

    I Rev, therefore I am. Don't ruin my favorite class, please and thank you.