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Cantha, Elite Spec/Legend/Weapon

aimz.6287aimz.6287 Member ✭✭✭
edited March 16, 2020 in Revenant

So as we know we are going to cantha for our next x pac which is huge. Which elite spec are you willing to see? I hope we get Nika with daggers! Let me know what you want! Having Nika and Shiro dagger dagger sword sword dmg would be unreal!!’ But I would love a Togo e spec too!

Cantha, Elite Spec/Legend/Weapon 6 votes

Support- Mhenlo - Scepter
Support/Dmg - Togo - Scepter
Elric.4713Kodama.6453 2 votes
Dmg- Nika - Daggers
aimz.6287Lucas.3718Virdo.1540Drennon.7190 4 votes
Other - Specify