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(NA)LFGuild on Dragonbrand (Casual Player, PVE, Mature, Social)

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I'm a returning player from back when the game first launched. I have completed the main story but have barely touched the other expansions or other content in the game. I'm looking for a mature guild not only looking for in game content but one also focused on community. I do mainly PvE content, with a deep love for dungeon running in other games, but I am willing to try anything out in game.


  • Hi there! Please consider checking out our community at www.remnantsofhope.com !

    We have a diverse player base of helpful people ranging from veterans to new and returning players, and we do events throughout the week.
    Some of the things we offer are:
    • PvE events including (but not limited to) map completion, HP trains, PvE grab bags, fractals (beginning and beyond), jump puzzles, and we're gathering a raid team!
    • PvP events (sPvP and WvW (must be on Tarnished Coast for WvW)
    • RP events
    • Active Discord
    • Friendly, helpful, and inclusive community

    Have a great day!

  • Hey
    Tyrs Palladium might be for you. We are a group of 30+ players with a strong no bull, no drama, no one left behind policy. Check us out at https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/ if you are interested.