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No weapon skills for lvl 80 guardian DH

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I just reached lvl 80 with my guardian and equipped a longbow. I also used 125 hero points I had accumulated to train in about half of the DH traits. However, no longbow weapon skills appear in the bar and hovering over the longbow shows the message in red, "longbow use requires elite specialization Dragonhunter (level 80)." Well, I'm level 80 and I have half the traits, the first of which is supposed to let me use a longbow.

I went to the build tab but there is no selection for DH; only for zeal, valor, honor, etc., of the guardian build. In the chat box is a red message saying "Equipment Template weapon (longbow) can't be used by your current build. Weapon skills are temporarily unavailable." Can anyone help me understand what's going on, why I don't have weapon skills for a longbow?