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How to Test Builds

Is there a way to test builds - both core and elite specs - in PVE before leveling the character to 80 and getting the necessary hero points?

Currently, I am testing various builds to see which classes I find fun and effective. The PvP lobby has been very helpful. However, there are a number of builds I cannot properly test. Some runes are not available (e.g. Tormenting) and a number of skills work differently in PvP vs. PvE - e.g. only one dodge on Mesmer.

Since I will spend more time in PvE it would be helpful to test certain builds and skills in a PvE setting. Is there anyway to do this? Is there for example a PvE equivalent of the PvP lobby?



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    There is not really a better alternative than the PvP lobby.

    You can go to to at least be able to look at the stats you will have with certain builds/gear though.

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    First: no there is nothing similar to the pvp lobby for builds for pve. The closest one would get to see how core classes perform is with using a level 80 boost and trying the class out:


    Using this item on a character who is below level 80 will grant the option to preview max-level play in The Silverwastes; the item can then be used again to decide whether to level up permanently and consume the boost, or to end the trial and keep the boost.

    Characters already at level 80 will not be given the option to play the trial, though they will be teleported to The Silverwastes upon choosing to permanently consume the boost.

    Second, if you are lacking enough game experience to know how classes behave and play, getting as far into detail as how specific skills, runes and sigils will perform, makes no sense. You will NOT theorycraft your way into a good build without hands on experience. Most classes perform similar between pvp and pve (with Mirage being literally one of the only exceptions now) since most skill splits are on a duration level, not type of performance (meaning a skill will perform mostly similar, just effects might have different duration etc). So from a pure "how does it feel" perspective, that is more than enough.

    The best you can do is:

    • try the level 80 boost for core builds
    • try classes out in the pvp lobby to get a general feel for the class
    • check videos and sites like metabattle for popular builds and read up

    This sounds a lot like some one wanting to theorycraft on things he does not have enough experience or understanding with. I would recommend against dry theorycrafting and actually getting some hands on experience first.

  • Thanks for the info.

    Apologies if my post suggested I am testing build to theory-craft - which I understand to mean creating my own builds. The builds I am testing are builds mostly provided by others here either in the forums or to me personally. The purpose is as stated in the OP "to see which classes I find fun and effective." I have more than enough time in MMO's for such a purpose.

    Other than Mirage one other issue I have run into in the PvP lobby - unless I misunderstand something - is missing runes. One in particular is the Tormenting runes for which a number of builds find notable importance.

    Am I correct that the Rune of Tormenting is unavailable in the PvP lobby?