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[RESOLVED] "Mission Challenge" Achievements Not Being Awarded.

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When completing any of the five Mission Challenge Achievements, only the person who initiated the Strike Mission gets the achievement(s) and not any other participants.

For reference, the Achievements are named as follows:

  • Mission Challenge: Candidate for Khan-Ur
  • Mission Challenge: Final Boss
  • Mission Challenge: Horde of Foes
  • Mission Challenge: Powerful Foes
  • Mission Challenge: Tank Escort

(This has been resolved.)


  • Can confirm, did 3 CM today and got no achievement.

  • Same here. Did 3 of them iirc and got no credit. Only those who open the instance do.

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    I don't know if it's something different, but today I tried the Tank Escort with a pre-made and no one got the achievement. The tank's healthbar never dropped under 70% for sure. When we started the mission, on-screen it appeared "tank challenge activated" or something similar.