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Elite Spec Concept: Assassin (Rough draft, not going to put in too much effort.)

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Before you begin note im not going to make traits, tactics, utilities and so on as Im not being paid to do so. Plus the likely hood of my idea being used is so slim and unnecessarily worthless that this is just for fun, to maybe help the idea process of the dev's. I in no way shape or form believe any of our input will be taken into account, nor that the A-net dev's or anyone on the team really care about what we think or desire. So if you have Ideas post them here; If you want to add onto or change or work with the theme I made here feel free. Im not really looking to push an agenda or anything, merely wanted to throw out what Id hope to see for the messmer as a class. Thank you in advance for reading, and happy gaming all~

Spec name : Assassin
role: Braweler/melee specialist
Theme: Given the fact that I doubt highly that thief will get assassin and the fact that Assassins and messmers share the same god in the human pantheon, I feel like its a safe bet to get a spec more focused around counter play. This spec will probably introduce duel daggers to the messmer and as such will be all about teleporting, and overwhelming the enemy with powerful and pin-point accurate strikes at specific areas. All while using mental tricks to make clones, and nightmarish visions as this spec will also have a more eldritch horror vibe. Its all about terror and creating terror and probably has more to do with the Oni/Kanaxai and their specific power, to make nightmares manifest. This would set it apart from the other Specs and make it stand alone as a Red-ish hue imbues their abilities so its more of a scarlet/light pink color in its energy rather than a pure purple.

Lore wise this makes sense as again I think thief will get something more unique and I feel as if it will probably gain greatsword as a samurai like spec, given that it already has a spec all about killing in dead-eye. Messmer has no spec that embodies bloodlust, carnage and as some would say "evil" in theme. I think its a safe bet to look lore-wise at the messmer and see them adopting the Assassins playstyle, as honestly they best reflect its gameplay in this game via jukes and various other tools. Paired with the fact messmers are used as assassins all the time in the game, throughout the story-line of guild wars 2 due to their ability to glamour themselves to be other people and mental manipulation. Given the fact that Im sure it will get a canthan themed E-spec I think this is the best bet, Its going to have a long ranged dagger set which shoots energy slashes that get more powerful the closer you are to the target. With skill 5 probably being a gap closer that if it lands it stuns the enemy and gives you a procing buff for your next attack, it also will probably have a lot to do with flanking/kiting enemies.

I foresee it being a very different spec, and one that would be welcomed as Mirage while giving us axe never really required that weapon and it seemed honestly better to use other weapons.. Power mirage was a huge thing and so I doubt we will see a strictly melee focused spec but I feel themeing it around Kanaxai and the Oni would be a cool method, perhaps even calling them the "Oni" and specifying that the assassins have changed their name to "The Oni" in the 250 year gap, due to those creatures being so efficent back in the day at dispatching targets. (might even let us summon Oni instead of clones? With one nightmare/terror that spawns which is a clone of a class, and is built to counter whatever class you hit with the skill..)

Its elite spell could be called "Embrace madness" which is where it basically conjures a sort of darkness that makes terrors out of everyone around it, these terrors are extremely strong and will take effort to bring down. The Assassin will also gain protection within the dark cloud and with it causing blindness and giving the assassin stealth it could be a good engage, or disengage spell. Paired with spawning oni which show up it would be really thematic and spooky~


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    A dark mesmer seems fun.

    I'm not sure about conjuring stuff but I guess it can fit mesmer in some way.

  • Thornwolf.9721Thornwolf.9721 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Tayga.3192 said:
    A dark mesmer seems fun.

    I'm not sure about conjuring stuff but I guess it can fit mesmer in some way.

    I like the spec idea of focusing on the "Oni" or a demon. I feel like it is not the typical assassin theme you see where they are just super fast, and hit really hard but this is more about the mental abuse an opponent faces. "Become a terror on the battle-field" really rings true and Id like to add to this but im gonna wait and see what others could do if they ran with the concept... if anyone is interested that is.