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Must Have Specs

I am a returning player. Been back about 2 months now and I love all the changes GW2 has done, look forward to what they are rolling out, and in general see myself being here hardcore again for awhile.

With that said I wanted to find out post patch what the must have specs are for fractals and raids. Or rather the highest desired specs. I see from Meta Battle and Snow crow show things like Druid being solid for Raids but trash for Fractals. I also see things like Chrono still being super desirable for raids on one website but trash on the other. I’m looking to the player base, to throw their most elitist opinions my way so I know what the people want, so I can build toward it myself.

So straight up questions. What is the top 5 most desirable for Fractals, and the top 10 for raids?


  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 19, 2020

    S Tier:

    • guardian, on pretty much any build. Firebrand supports, hybrid dps or condi dps, Dragonhunter as power dps, even core guardian as power dps. They all work in both game modes

    A Tier:

    • banner warrior. Still that safe spot in raids and fractals. Very easy to play
    • alacri renegade. The counterpart to Firebrand in fractals, just as useful in raids, but might not see play in raid setups with double chrono
    • chrono. The PUG raid tank still, not as much use in fractals but can work in combination with a Firebrand

    B Tier:

    • druid. Go-to primary heal for raids due to it's utility and might+fury generation on top of superb cc and decent heals. Not used that much in fractals, but still works in combination with chrono (get outperformed by Firebrigade)

    Those are pretty much the top 5 class picks. As usual, the support roles are the most desired and required. Everything else just fights over which class is best at which boss for damage.

  • Safandula.8723Safandula.8723 Member ✭✭✭✭

    fractal cm meta is made of soulbeast, weaver, renegade, quickbrand and berserker, but most common specs in pugs are healbrand, rene, berserker and dragonhunters. if u want to play t4s only, reaper, daredevil and holo are also solid options

    make prepardness baseline plz

  • Lexi.1398Lexi.1398 Member ✭✭✭

    Raids: heal druid is at the core of most every composition and usually the preferred secondary healer on boon theif bosses, next most requent would be banner berserker (power & condi both), then boon chrono, and then condi quickbrand / diviner renegade. (power quickbrand is NOT useable in raids).

    Fractals: power quickbrand for skilled groups, heal firebrand for pugging t4s, diviner renegade, power banner berserker.

    after the non-generic dps slots are taken care of every other slot would be a dps, and TBH, you can be any dps u like in raids (only divided by broad division of power / condi / mirage-condi), for fractals stick to any power dps and u will be gucci.
    meta dps raids: power dragonhunter, condition firebrand, condi renegade, condi mirage, and a few sprinklings of power chrono and power daredevil. meta for raids is VERY specific per encounter, and if you're not using speedrunning strats and therefore have dedicated quickness supports, then i believe power chrono/holosmith would be more generic "meta" dps.
    meta dps fractals: power weaver, soulbeast is meta, with dragonhunter especially and then literally every other power dps build except for chrono being acceptable, and condi firebrand is also acceptable dps in non-speedclear groups (cfb is special because of how the burning condition works).

  • Lurana.7506Lurana.7506 Member ✭✭✭

    Raids (from my non-elitist point of view):
    1. Druid
    2. Power Banner Berserker
    3. Condi Banner Berserker
    4. Chrono (as tank or boon support)
    5. cFirebrand
    6. Alacrity Renegade
    7. pDeadeye (for specific mechanics: (Solokite W6, Pylonkite W7)
    8. pDaredevil (great for certain mechanics and/or bosses: Sabetha, Samarog, Qadim 1.0...)
    9. Boon Thief (pretty specific, just usable on certain bosses. But on those bosses, they are highly required)
    10. cMirage on Twin Largos

    The order is quite non-specific. But the first six are more desired than the last four. I hope it helps :)