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Elite Spec Concept: The Ascendant

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Name of Spec: Ascendant (Or The Ascendant)
Role: Melee bruiser, heavy sustained front-line burst/tank
Legend: Svanir The Nornbear
Unique Mechanic: Resurgent Essence
Unique Spec trait: Ascended Vessel
Weapons: Greatsword
Lore: Svanir was the brother of Jora, in his thirst for power he gave himself to drakkar and fell to his madness. His hunger and appetite for destruction became unquenchable and he weaved a path of destruction and death in his wake. Before the majority of the ice-brood he stood apart for his ravenous nature, even put fear into the hearts of his once kin as he slaughtered his way into the legends of his people. He is one such case of a legend that is told in caution, his name spoken in disdain and malignant disdain rather than admiration though there are those who worship the mighty beast he became. A death cult spawned from his actions and the sons of svanir formed, hoping to become just as powerful and just as capable as Svanir before them. They have all failed in this attempted "Ascension", Though through the mists his voice has been carried as the two beings who are both Svanir struggle between their nature as the man battles the beast and the two wage a ware of control over even their rippling essence in the mists. He has called to you, and you have felt his touch and through his might and insanity you have become something more perhaps even a monster? Will you succumb to the intoxicating whispers of power, or will you fight the enemies of your people with the Fervor you always have merely with different means. Walk your path hero... choose what legend you will become.


Resurgent Essence: R.E Functions as a constant pull of your energy, it basically is built to reduce your cool-downs and energy cost the longer you're in combat. The more the fight drags on the more your cool-downs and energy cost go down until they are about halved. This in turn means the more you fight an Ascendant the stronger they become, the thrill of combat driving their power to course through their blood. So seeped within the energies and essences of the mists they become as if mists themselves, swelling with power that it emanates off of them and becomes visible. Once it reaches max Capacity R.E changes and becomes "Unlimited Power" which has a huge tell as its a flash like shock-wave (Think like the new masteries when you hit max stats on spirit power.) For ten seconds after the flash the revenant can use all of their abilities at no cost to energy, their cooldowns however return to 25% reduced time and as the buff wears out their power slowly drains. Once this is over R.E resets and adds a de-buff on the user for around five seconds which would be called "Fatiuge" and in this time, they can't build R.E which leaves them vulnerable to punishment. (We have tools for that below.)

Ascended Vessel: A.V is a unique buff that is only applicable while channeling Svanir, this buff empowers the Ascendant to delve even further into their power. Much like Kalla's fervor or Battle scars this buff is merely a modifier for their group. The buff adds stacks of retaliation and resistance upon you AND your party, for every stack of resistance the Ascendant gains a stack of might and for every bit of retaliation they as well gain stability. Their party mates only however get the resistance/retaliation, the ascendant gains the other boons atop of these and paired with R.E it can make the user a monster on the battler field.

Bonus: While using this E-spec you will become an Avatar of your chosen legend, gaining powerful effects via the traits within Svanir's trait-line to add extra punching power to your already formidable arsenal. As well some skills may be effected differently and changed a bit to become more potent or change in functionality, Meaning no matter what you're running Svanir will work for you and give you benefits even if you don't run his legend specifically.

Weapon Skills and Reasoning:

Now I didn't want great-sword as the weapon, but I feel like its been a bit since a class got it as their E-spec weapon. And with the spells I have in mind it won't be as cumbersome as some might think. There will be a solid reasoning as to why I chose this, the first is that it seems like EVERYONE wants this weapon and regardless of what anyone says we can't diswayed them. It also has kind of grown on me with the idea of how it could look, so with this im going to say they give us the animation Balthazar has with his weapon. So its floating beside us and is never sheathed EVEN When out of combat. This means when its out of combat it merely hovers around us, this is reaching Im going to assume they only do this when its in combat but I can dream of us having this wacky weapon that seems to have a mind of its own. Its use is as a high damage/mobility weapon with cleaves and AoE pressure which is something Rev outside of Mallyx lacks right now in meaningful ways with weapons. This spec would be more aimed at Power since both of our previous ones had a strong focus on condi, glint can put out tons of burning and kalla can go either way honestly.

  1. Auto-attack: The auto- attacks are known as "Blades of the mists" where you swing your sword in a four attack motion. The first three are slashes that go right, left and down which all are cleave attacks. The fourth one is a small dash forward where the user punches the enemy, if they were using a skill they are then knocked prone and interrupted which will be extremely situational I know.
  2. No Escape : Dive forward and grab an enemy, thrusting them through the mists you carry them with you causing damage each second for three seconds. This will move you a sizeable space away from your original take off point. Upon landing the enemy is thrown away from you, in a punt style of skill the damage is not insane but its more of a seperation skill. Its designed to remove an enemy from a group or remove a component away from the party. (Plenty of creative uses here.)
  3. Oblivions Claws: Grasp a hold of your weapon and send forth five massive energy slashes at your enemy, these cause massive amounts of damage if they strike an enemy who is CC'd and will detonate on contact. They act as long ranged projectiles which get weaker the further away from the target you are, hitting at 50% less at the maximum range which is 1200 feet and loosing their detonation. (It shouldn't hit too hard that far, but its a good engagement tool to use as a form of long range re-engage, or merely to get a tag on an enemy.)
  4. This ends now : Stab your enemy rooting them in place, only to charge up a huge consolidation of mist energy in your palm and slam it into their face. This blast does a huge amount of damage to enemies below 50% health as well acts as a minor teleport. You can be interrupted while doing this but should you channel svanir you gain the extra benefit of gaining stability, so it encourages you to run the weapon with the legend.
  5. Ragnarok: Roar with power and leap into the air, displacing yourself from combat and causing a circle to appear where you will land. This circle can move a long with you and if enemies remain in the circles mist energy reaches down through a portal you tore in the sky. Electrical energy clings to enemies doing constant damage as you charge up with a mighty roar, and dive back down onto the battlefield. Once you collide you cause an explosion of CC, it does moderate damage but the majority of the damage comes from the energy which strikes enemies while you're in the air. If an enemy was with you when you lept up they will be carried with you, and when the final blow comes as you come down it will count as heavy damage that is true damage. If you strike a downed enemy with this they are executed~

Utilities: (Unsure what to call these for now.)

  1. (heal) Abhorrent Flesh: The power of jormag seeps through you, thus causing you to take less damage and consume all conditions upon you. For the remainder of the time enemies will take 50% of the damage dealt back to them in true damage.
  2. Monstrous Tenacity: Use your bloodthirst to edge yourself closer to frenzy, this reveals enemies with in a 1000 foot range to the Ascendant and marks them with blood-scent. Even IF THEY REMOVE revealed, they will be marked with a blood trail which means Svanir can still give chase. The closer you get to a target with a scent-trail the quicker you become gaining five stacks of might upon reaching your target.
  3. Roar of Wrath: Bellow in anger with a mighty roar, this massive CC will knock all enemies around you prone. This also marks them with scent-trail and causes chill, making them more likely to be slowed and take more damage based on the effects of traits. Blood-trail through this ability does not stack with Monstrous tenacity and acts as a quick buff and means of breaking up a dog fight. (Traits will expand upon this)
  4. Demonic Mauling: Tackle an enemy and maul them with your powerful claws, ripping into them and causing massive amounts of damage. This damage is doubled if they are cc'd and will give regeneration to the user during the duration of the skill.
  5. (Elite) Blood-hunt: Pull in the power of the mists from around you and imbue yourself with the power of Jormag, becoming enraged and gaining a CC bar as well as massive power boost toward yourself for the next ten seconds. Within this time your abilities within Svanir's channel cost far less energy and have no cooldown (Weapon not included), within this time any enemy you strike with Scent-trails upon them cause you to gain the damage you do back as health. At the end of the durration activate again to explode and cause the mists and jormags power to erupt from you (If your cc-bar isn't broken) and hurl enemies away from you.

^ You can not die for the duration of the skill unless your CC bar is broken, The cc bar should be difficult to melt as it should be considered to be something like the warriors "Last stand" where its best use is when you're already exhausted and need a quick something to fling yourself back into combat. This should be a skill you save for when you really need it, perhaps on an extra long cooldown? Or it could cause fatigue once its down or even if you're at a percentage below 50% health you will die instantly once it expires, I am unsure but it would definitely be cool to see.

F2: Power of Dragon: You call upon the power of dragon to imbue your allies with the ability to shrug off damage, granting them and yourself invunerability for a short time and super-speed/unstoppable. In this time YOU can not attack.
F3: Call of Dragon: Roar with the power of dragon and send forth a mighty shock-wave redirecting condition damage back to their feeble casters, if a condition was at its threshold it is sent back and amplified to do more damage.
F4: Dragons Voice: Call forth the whispers of Jormag which induce madness around you, causing fear and hallucinations this ability will mark enemies with a pulsing mark of Jormag which silences them for the duration. This ability also applies quickness and alacrity to your allies, giving them the boost of power they need through the whispers of jormags promise of victory.
F5: Totem of Dragon: Upon activation a totem to jormag will drop from the sky, crashing into the ground and doing moderate damage. For the duration of this skill allies within the aura will gain "Abhorrent Flesh" and "Ice-born carapace" the Carapace offers them constant retaliation as well giving them might. For the duration of the ability the Ascendant sacrifices the majority of their power to create this totem. This totem then exudes their power out upon their group mates, making them more powerful with the might and power of dragons will.

I am not making traits at this time, its late and im tired. This is just a basic Idea of what I thought up a while ago and I know its not perfect; It might be under-powered or overpowered I don't know I just did this for fun. Feel free to throw your ideas down in the comments and add onto it or bash it (Seems to be a thing here) if you so desire I guess, Note I was more for duel daggers rather than greatsword but I was worried people would compare it too much too spell-breaker.. Anyhow thanks for reading and NOT that while transformed in Svanir's channel you will not hold your weapon rather you will wield claws and fangs to rip apart your enemy. (You get to keep your legendary effects though...)