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[NA][PVE][OCX/SEA] Fractal static looking for members

When we run:
9/10pm GMT+8 (reset+13/14) weekdays

Roles we need:

  • berserker
  • backups for any role
    1. firebrand (pqb+hb), dragonhunter is a plus - much needed right now
    2. soulbeast, weaver, renegade, berserker

Who we are:
Our group recently started with the goal of efficiently clearing CMs and T4s. We are still progressing in this regard, running healbrand in T4s and on certain CM fights if instabs are horrible. We are looking to practice everyday if possible during cleartime, including lots of ggs if we mess up or just to practice a strategy/rotation, and eventually push killtimes further.

Our requirements:
You should be proficient in your class. You should be interested in analysing logs, asking questions, and self-motivated to continuously improve - it is more important for us if you have this attitude than already having high skill level. You must be able to practice when we run, as stated above.
Being able to multi is a huge plus.

If you're interested, please contact me on Discord: Shadow#8837 or Ingame: Shadow.4259.