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Legendary Equipment and Templates - [Merged]

edited September 25, 2020 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

We want to talk a little about our plans for the next update that will affect the suite of templates features, and gather your feedback about what you hope to see from it.

We’re calling it the Legendary Armory.

Here’s a quick description of how it will work—when you bind a legendary item to your account, it will be added to the Legendary Armory. Any legendary item that is added to the Legendary Armory will become available for use by all the characters across your entire account at the same time. This removes the need for you to swap legendary equipment between characters through your bank or shared inventory. This feature will also come with updates to Equipment Template functionality to make it easier to copy the configuration of equipped legendary items from one Equipment Template to another template on the same character.

Here are our goals for the Legendary Armory feature:

  • Make it feel more valuable to earn and use legendary equipment, while also making it easier to use legendary items with the Equipment Template feature.
  • Remove the need for players to swap account-bound legendary items between characters.
  • Make it easier to copy the configuration of equipped legendary items from one Equipment Template tab to another template on the same character.

Let us know your thoughts in this thread. Thank you all!

ArenaNet Communications Team



  • Jski.6180Jski.6180 Member ✭✭✭✭

    That would be nice would you have one set of legendary equipment or would you still need light set mid set and hev set? (Or is there a hint in here about things to come?)

    See ELE forms and you will get my views.

  • What about our equipment and build templates, will this mean we will have to buy enough for each character that we have?

  • Are there any plans to refund/restore base items of the armor for players who have more than 1 copy of each set of armor?

    Asking that question for myself and many others who crafted more than 1 set of legendary armor per weight tier.

  • Blocki.4931Blocki.4931 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This is incredible! Thanks a lot.

    Pls just permaban me by now so I can stop going back here

  • Cronos.6532Cronos.6532 Member ✭✭✭

    The Legendary Armory is definitely the best way to handle this. Thanks!


  • Does it include legendary trinkets too?

    Does it allow dual wielding weapons of the same weapon? (i.e. Make one bolt, add to armory and dual wield sword/sword on a mesmer?)

    Does it include legendary sigils and runes?

  • Bovan.9481Bovan.9481 Member ✭✭

    This is great and I'm happy for it, but is there some sort of compensation for the people who crafted multiple sets of the same legendary armor or weapons so they wouldn't have to swap gear around on their account?

  • Legendary Armoury visual effects being able to be turned on and off would be nice

    As would a footfall skin slot whose skins are only unlocked by having unlocked the corresponding legendary weapon.

  • xAtri.9378xAtri.9378 Member ✭✭

    Awesome update. Thank you so much!

    However, how will it affect people who have made more than 3 weights of legendary armour. I have 2 sets of Heavy and 2 sets of Light legendary armour.

    This update basically wastes all the resources spent on those items. :|

  • I want all my characters to be have Aurora+Vision+Coalescence effect at the same time, and please add 2 more PvE Legendaries that actually combine into a 5-trinket-effect with the previous 3. Please and Thank you. :)

  • meri.9187meri.9187 Member ✭✭✭


    good lord i am absolute trash at this video game

  • Grimjack.8130Grimjack.8130 Member ✭✭✭

    @Fire Attunement.9835 Will you be fixing the Legendary Armor and Weapons taking off sigils, runes, and infusions when swapping the actual piece of gear for another as well? I think this would be a great change to go along with the Armory!

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  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Great work, great comms!

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  • Is it possible to get a refund on items to create legendaries? I was in the process of making 30 legendary runes and 56 legendary sigils. This sounds like it would be pointless to continue with that now but now I'll be stuck with the Gifts.

  • Might actually be worth it to make legendary armor again then. Kinda would like to know how the fashion would work though :D

  • Xanthe.4587Xanthe.4587 Member
    edited March 20, 2020

    Anet pls make legendary Armory more practical and less clunky then the current template system,
    so people who where used to arcdps templates etc. or just want a better control for fine tuning stats, can finally feel good again playing raids and fractals...

    It would really help if you dont limit the amount of build, we can have with legendary gear so hard to only 6 anymore (since those builds would only be about stats configurations and not about items them self it shouldn't create problems as much).


    Now time to finish those legendary armor sets and get Envoy's Herald :DDDD

  • gavyne.6847gavyne.6847 Member ✭✭✭

    This will give me the motivation to make more legendary armor (I'm missing the medium set) ty Anet, one of the best updates in a long time.

  • I legit asked my friend who got me into this game (almost 8 years now!) about this and he told me that you'd have to swap it, etc. I love this! I have been working on getting Legendary armor for each weight class but when the template first came out and I couldn't do such, I was discouraged and just about gave up completely on doing more Legendary armor/weapons. I LOVE THIS!

  • Would absolutely love this feature, however I'm not sure how much I would use it if the ability to set different skins per character isn't implemented.

    I like having unique looks and if I'm unable to do that across multiple characters I don't think I would use this feature much outside of testing potential builds and theorycrafting here and there.

    But if skins are able to be set per character per piece of legendary armor/weps without draining transmutes outside of initially setting the skin, this might be the best quality of life feature ever released for myself in the game.

  • 1) add the possibility to transmog legendary armor differently for different equipment tabs

    2) i'm a bit concerned that this update is going to make mandatory to have the legendary sigils/runes or else the whole system breaks

  • Asking important questions today. Will this include backpacks, and the full accessories kit. Not just armor and weapons?

  • Amazing idea! Thumbs up!

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Well, you're basically telling people that if they made 1 full set of Legendary Armor, you are going to give them 2 free sets of the same weight. How could anyone not like that?

    Seriously, please point out anyone who objects to this - I'll swat them with a choya-balloon.

    But as others have said, will we be able to transmute the look on individual characters? How about on individual gear templates on the same character? I'm starting to feel like the pig asking for syrup, but might as well shoot for the moon.

  • cryorion.9532cryorion.9532 Member ✭✭✭

    What about legendary weapon that is equipped in multiple equipment "templates" and swapping temporarily to other weapon? When swapping to weapon in inventory (e.g. warhorn for swiftness, mace/mace for cc for next encounter, etc), runes and infusions get pulled out from the weapon in equipment template and I have to put them all back, fixing the "template". Using ascended weapons would solve this issue but this is kind of bad design in first place when legendary gear is less convenient... legendary weapon and sigil+infusion interaction between multiple equipment templates and inventory is just terrible. It is not an issue with armor/trinkets as swapping those doesn't happen that often compared to weapons.
    It would be nice if there was at least reset button for equipment templates that worked even after closing the hero panel. Reset button for build templates is useless, too, as it works only as long as the hero panel is opened.

  • yes, yes, and again: YES! this will especially save a lot of time for WvW-Players to switch classes and their equipment. It already costs a lot of time to even build the legendary armor for each armor class, so i guess many people won´t build that armor for every character. so switching the pieces into an account-wide armory is a very welcoming feature. but i heavily suggest to separate the runes, sigills and infusions inside the armory, so each character can choose which set exactly want to use, without always throwing the upgrades from character to character when moving the gear around. So, at least everything in the armory should be saved per character, and everything that is put into an account-wide equipment-set should be stored in the armory, including the current stat-configuration for each character. also, just as it has been said before: the skin configuration should also be stored, in best case without using transmutes to keep the unique look for each character.

  • koben.2654koben.2654 Member ✭✭

    on one had this is amazing great for convience .... on the other hand this is a nail in the coffin for players that like to play market wars or even farm for materials to sell....
    also its going to be a slight woops to players that have grided out multiple legendary sets .... i know of a few players that do have 2 or more sets of legendarys so they dont have to swap between characters as much.

    but down to the nitty gritty.
    whats going to happen is this : for the first few months there is going to be a material rush for crafting, or there is going to be a lot of legendarys sold they will raise in price til people get there one copy of each one ....
    all of these prices are going to skyrocket the
    there is going to be an increase in bot farmers and there might be a decrease in overall supply

    then once the majority of players get that one copy, legendarys are going to hold the price till people are unwilling to pay for them so they will start tanking in value quickly
    subsqunetly the demand for materials will decrease as less people will need to craft anymore than one of each legendary for collections. so the material market will drop as an effect.

    so i both like but i really actually hate this idea.

  • Nayaru.4716Nayaru.4716 Member ✭✭

    Ok so sounds like these are becoming an account unlock that is handled differently for each character? eg: On my guard I'll have my flameseeker prophecies with berserker stats but on my chronomancer i'll have it but it will be different stats. So does this mean, in theory, any character that hits level 80 will automatically be able to use a personalised version of an unlocked legendary? Because I have 20 toons slots, I'm going to make more, most of my gold gets spent on gearing new characters. If I could dodge that cost by having legendaries that aren't restricted to one character or needing to be banked and taken out to be used on others... I might actually start giving a kitten about legendaries.

    Next up - harvesting tool slots to be account based rather than character based? Then I'll actually get some unbreakable harvesting tools too =D

  • Moi.5013Moi.5013 Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 20, 2020

    I like this implementation but as far as the build templates go, I still don't like how they are set up. I would like to push one button and have my full build and equipment tied to it. I don't like having to select equipment set and build set separately. Also PLEASE make the ability to turn of legendary effects a reality! Especially those annoying trinket effects. Here's a thought on how to handle the skins. have the ability to clothe every character in whatever skins you prefer, then have a checkbox on the armor and weapon slot to show the actual skin or not, if its not shown then it shows the skin you have chosen. Put the same checkbox on trinkets to show or not show effects. I have just about finished my 4th set of leg armor (my first pvp set) I really don't care that I will have made more than the 3 weights in legendary armors and will continue to work on PVP and WVW leg armors simply for the skins...because FASHION WARS! :) You could implement an achievement for crafting the other armor sets and other legendary items to incentivize people to continue to make them or 'compensate' those who already have? IDK just an idea.

  • So.... 400 or 600 gems to unlock one Legendary Armoury slot ?

  • How about some type of functionality within this to save transmuted looks/dyes across characters?
    Provided you have the sufficient amount of transmutation charges of course. If you don't, it will just keep its "last look."