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Returning after a year. What is an easy, high-demand profession?

Now that I'm under lockdown, I want to kill some time again in this game. I've been out for over a year, and see that a lot of things have changed. My main interest is in PvE (fractals and raids). I don't have the time or interest to master a fantastically complicated profession/role. I'd like to build up a character that's really easy and straightforward to play in PvE, and has no problem getting accepted in pickup fractal and raid groups. I'm not picky, and don't favor any particular style of play over another. Any suggestions?

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  • Fallesafe.5932Fallesafe.5932 Member ✭✭✭

    @Painbow.6059 said:
    Power BS ('Banner Slave' - aka warrior) has a particularly easy rotation and you can reach close to benchmark numbers within a few hours of practicing it.

    I just checked it out. Thanks man! That looks like it might be perfect.

  • Fueki.4753Fueki.4753 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Banner Slaves (both power and condi) are in demand and easy to play.
    Dragon Hunter DPS is always welcome and rather easy to play. Having a Condi or Heal Firebrand on the same character can help getting groups, too.
    I don't know how easy it is to play them, but Alacrity Renegades are also well-liked and Barrier-spam Scourges are not usually hated.