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Lf small-to-medium casual euro PvE guild on Vabbi

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I am a returning player, over several times. I have played most content and concluded that I don't like PvP.
WvW is okay with friends, but not something I'd do myself :)

I have played some time as a solo player since my last return, and would grade myself a decently skilled solo-player when it comes to mechanics, events, Metas etc.
I have some experience leading and managing a guild as I have been a Guild Leader in a small-to-medium guild before my break from the game. I have also been an officer in a medium-to-large guild.

Currently I am only looking for a guild for myself, but I might be interested in the option of my girlfriend joining as well at some point.

I enjoy playing with a guild, but I dislike being part of a larger guild as one often get overlooked in such a guild. That is to say that I am looking for a guild where the ordinary member isn't overlooked or forgotten, where people play together and is gathered as an active community.

For group content, I am mostly playing at Open-World and Dungeons. I'm not much of a raider, although I am interested in learning raids later on, if a guild have a spot open.

I would prefer to stay on Vabbi, but if I find a guild that I enjoy playing with I can be persuaded to switch server if neccessary.

I amnot expecting people to have a Discord, although it seems most guilds have that, and I am glad to join an online community via discord or similar.
I am not willing to use interfaces such as discord that I have to pay money to get.

My current main character is Jayrik Stormblood, in case anyone want to chat in-game :smile: