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Torn from the Sky green star is stuck

Ardyth.9286Ardyth.9286 Member ✭✭
edited March 23, 2020 in Players Helping Players

I made the choice to search for salvage and got to where Mr. Sparkles is found. There is a green star inside the wrecked ship; we got to it, were attacked by tendrils, went back to the star and nothing happens. The star remains, which doesn't allow me to move on. I went all around it, over it, moved a distance away and came back, still nothing. What do I have to do to collect the salvage and move on?

Sometimes I wish there was a reset button.


  • MikeG.6389MikeG.6389 Member ✭✭✭

    Looks like it bugged out on you. Once you kill all the tendrils, the mote should automatically move to another location behind the wreck, outside on the opposite side to where you came in.
    Not much has happened until this point, though, so I think you should just restart the instance. If it happens again, report it as a bug.

  • Ardyth.9286Ardyth.9286 Member ✭✭

    Will do, thanks. Wasn't sure I could restart, but it worked, so I'm back in action.