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Permeating Pestilence, another bugged trait to add in the list never will be fixed.

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Basically realizing today that Core Condition Revenant is no longer viable in teamfights because you've killed it's main source of sustain that also required risks to pull off by not only delaying it but also breaking what it used to do. What's the point to land your slow delayed transfer on multiple people if all it does is transfer 2 conditions from you and NOTHING else like it used to? No wonder why it's not even recommended anymore, Mallyx Facet is the only functional transfer now that actually gets rid of MULTIPLE condis on MULTIPLE targets in a 360 radius, whoo.

When you want to play the game differently but you can't because mechanics don't even work properly after so long, some of them even spanning years by now. Does anyone read the forums? Why does it take super influential people to even make notice of those game breaking bugs? Just gonna put the list of broken functions of Revenant down here, a list of things that prevents the class from having more variety;

  • Permeating Pestilence does not transfer multiple conditions off the player like Pulsating Pestilence used to. (New!)
  • Versed In Stone does not work with RotGD F2.
  • Hammer 2 on Revenant is still dysfunctional mess after 6 months.
  • Shortbow is a dysfunctional mess since PoF release.
  • Most upkeep skills cannot be turned on/off while in the air.
  • Can't Legend Swap in mid air.
  • Facets able to reactivate while internal skills are on cooldown, locking players upkeep.
  • Shield 4 gets blocked by enemy aegis even though it says unblockable and doesn't properly hit teammates.
  • Soulcleave's Summit keeps draining energy even after leaving legend/dismiss.
  • Renegade Summons can't be taunted.

Likely to find/remember more, but those are the ones that I find making the class unplayable altogether.