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Isn't it too early to ask for nerfs?

EremiteAngel.9765EremiteAngel.9765 Member ✭✭✭✭

2 vs 2 is just a side show.
You can't balance around that.
5 vs 5 is the main game mode.
Wait till it comes around then check performances again.

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  • Kuma.1503Kuma.1503 Member ✭✭✭

    5v5 feels relatively balanced from my experiences. For context the builds I've been playing include Core Engi, Core Ele, FA tempest, Support Druid (Regen spam with Dwayna runes for massive healing numbers) and a bit of power Renegade here and there. I haven't noticed any classes that stick out as being terribly overbearing to fight.

    Condi rev, when it doesn't have the luxury of a confined map, is much easier to kite and burst once it's blown its CD's. Firebrand, likewise, isn't too difficult to focus down due to it's relatively low mobility.

    Necro is annoying as all heck due to how tanky it is, but you can blow them up if you have 2-3 people on them, and they don't have too many tools to deal with that. Lich Form is much weaker in 5v5 since you don't get a free reset on the cooldown every round.

    Eles either don't deal much damage or are squishy as heck. I did manage to theorycraft a build with good damage and sustain (Menders+Eagle rune FA) but it still takes a lot of damage due to low toughness and has to kite a bunch to get anything done.

    Daredevil and core thief are up to their usual tricks, but they feel like weaker versions of their former selves. Much easier to fight compared to before where they would often instakill me from stealth if I was playing a squishier ele build.

    Holo is no longer the high mobility, high sustain, AoE burst damage/CC machine they once were. Either they go prot and deal negligible damage or go zerker amulet and die easily if they make a mistake.

    Warriors... Still not sure what this class does since I haven't gotten around to making one (Not interested in the class and dont want to shell out cash for an additional character slot) but they aren't killing me in a single stun anymore so that's nice.

    Mesmer dropped off the face of the planet.

    Rangers are annoying with their immob spam, and are the sole reason why I've started running escape sigils on most of my builds. Outside of that... they're the same as always. LoS them, dodge Maul which isn't hard to do, and they have a hard time actually killing you.

    I'm not too eager to ask for nerfs since nothing has stood out as desperately in need of one. Necro stands out the most, but mainly due to sheer ease of use.

  • Brujeria.7536Brujeria.7536 Member ✭✭✭

    I feel like condi rev needs a nerf. It has way too much aoe condi spam on way too little cooldown. While at the same time has a stupid high uptime of resistance. as well as 2 healing skills. you cant really engage it in meele most of the times because of the AOE fields and condi spam, its mostly immune ot condis itself because of resistance (and the overall nerf on corrupts). The biggest counter is ranged power damage but there isnt much present in the meta.

  • Avatar.3568Avatar.3568 Member ✭✭✭

    I played yesterday at, against 3 tank/condi Rev, 1 core necro and 1 thief

    Dude that was totally annoying to play against

  • FrownyClown.8402FrownyClown.8402 Member ✭✭✭

    I dont expect there to be a hard meta in lower ranks. Plat + power burst with cc will be king. Power rev can still do insane burst. Thief just switched to zerker amulet, a good thief can work around the lower hp easy. Shatter mesmer will see some play. Zerker holo will see play. Spellbreaker will have difficulty maintaining duelist capes but good ones will be relevent. I expect to see fb and reapers still. Aura share tempest is a maybe, but I feel cc alone isnt enough to warrant a spot. Most likely will see more LR weavers than tempest. Ranger will see some play, but has limited capes using lb. If rangers could make gs sw/axe builds work it could be a bit more useful. These are just my predictions based on duels and unranked play