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Skyscale Lost jp help / guide

Hey all,
First off, love the game..Great people here !!
But, totally hate the JPs…

So, I’m now doing Lost Skyscales.. done a couple of JPs..

Which ones are easy and hard ones ?
Is there a list by order of difficulty ?

Also, if anyone want to help out with Portals, lemme kno pls..I’m in US CT zone..
I don’t even mind paying for the help…if that’s appropriate within community ethics..send me a pm..

Thanks in Advance …


  • MikeG.6389MikeG.6389 Member ✭✭✭

    If you hate jumping puzzles, the simplest one can be a headache. There are a couple on the list that are not really straightforward and have their own mechanics, maybe even checkpoints. You can find walkthroughs for each of them on the wiki, but If I'm stuck, I tend to look for a video, instead of a written guide.

    After typing up a wall of text, I realised that I hate wall of texts.
    This is a high quality video guide for doing this exact collection: Part 1 and Part 2
    There are many more on YouTube, just search for "Skyscale Lost".
    Of course, if you find a helpful mesmer, they can give you a shortcut to all of the locations.

  • If you need some help with the assorted JPs for that part of the Skyscale quest, you may want to help others help you better and list the JPs you've managed to complete. The more information you provide, the better folks can help.

    As for hardest:
    Goemm's Lab may be one of the harder (and longer ones) if you're not a JP person.
    Griffonrook Run and Coddler's Cove can also be challenging since the location you need is near the end of both JPs.
    Fawcett's Bounty doesn't require you to finish the JP since the location you need is near the end but in the opposite direction from the end chest.
    Sanctum of Nabkha you can get to with a griffon if you time your griffon dives and swoops right (there's at least one Youtube guide for that).

  • EmmetOtter.8542EmmetOtter.8542 Member ✭✭✭

    Don't these still work?
    I thought they allowed you to skip the nearest JP