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Sunhall [GG] [NA//Anvil Rock] RP/PVE

We're a growing guild looking for members that enjoy role play as much as PvE--metas, HPs and MPs, guild races, and helping new players.

We accept anyone of any experience level and are more than happy to teach new players about role play. We employ a light dice system for guild events or hunts and are building a hunting lodge within our guild and welcome character development and free form creativity. Although we frown on commanders and gods, if you can reason immortal races and make it fit well into the lore, we welcome you.

We have a guild hall, Windswept Haven, and require Discord (which has some rules to read, and after, sign. Our only hoop.). We use it as an infohub, we are chill, and enjoy conversation as much as helping other players. With questions or invitations, you can get me on Discord at IsSpoop#1630 or inworld at MagicPaperPlanes.3140.

Hope to see you there~