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Match manipulation accusation

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Around 12 hours ago my account was suspended for 168 hours because of a false accusation of Match Manipulation in PvP. Of course, I have opened a ticket but I am yet to receive a response and the limitation to the game is on.

Fortunately for me, there is a chat history for the game, that I assume I have received 1 or more reports about this.

First of all, this happens in SILVER rank. The guy that reported me for this, reported me because I was going middle to fight the enemy team and he wanted everyone to go to side points and forget about the middle. After that, he went AFK telling the team that there is no use to waste his time with us. I told him I will report him for AFK and he said that he will report me back for match manipulation. All this happens in chat and there is proof of it. I can't believe I was accused of match manipulation because I do not agree with the judgment of a player saying which point I should go. Don't you guys even read the chat (ANET)? All this happens in silver rank with players that I don't know in both teams. I probably do not even have chat history with any of them in the years I have been playing the game. I am just enjoying ranked PvP and just happens to farm for legendary medium armor + the legendary amulet which, surprise, requires some wins.

Why I am writing this? Because I am upset that I was accused of false match manipulation and I feel like if I don't say this I will agree with the situation and the ban. Well, I do not, because I have never participated in such things. I believe this was a mistake from the ANET judgment and they will lift my suspension as soon as they read the chat history. If they don't, it will show, how easily an angry kid or a troll can ruin your game with some false reports, which won't be even looked closely by ANET.

Sorry for taking everyone's time with my rant, I am just upset and I needed to do this.

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    You are mistaken if you think you can be suspended/banned based on someone's report. Each report is investigated by the GMs/CS Team and only actioned if warranted.
    Though, mistakes do happen, an account is not action just because a single, or even multiple, report(s) are sent.

    It will do nothing to post here, as the deciding CS Team members won't be reading this.

    Good luck.

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    You might have been banned for something that happened weeks ago mate, the ban hammer is slow to strike in game.
    Unlike the forum were its quite swift.