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Ranked PvP Meta Snapshot

Vallun.2071Vallun.2071 Member ✭✭✭

With the Guild Wars 2 ranked season returning to the conquest PvP mode for the first time since the biggest balance purge, many players will be wondering what builds will be popular. Here is a meta snapshot of the very first iteration of the new meta.


  • FrownyClown.8402FrownyClown.8402 Member ✭✭✭

    Extremely helpful. Thanks

  • mortrialus.3062mortrialus.3062 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Helpful guide for new players or returning players who haven't realize everything about balance has been wiped clean due to the megabalance patch.

    Best Dressed Memser NA.

  • Leonidrex.5649Leonidrex.5649 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 26, 2020

    Good recap.
    For mesmer side I find dueling worse then domi in every aspect.
    Vulnerability and amazing boonrips provides more dmg then dueling can even hope to archive. Its just better in 1v1 and XvX.
    Portal is trolling unless you are smurfing or on comps with your team.
    IH/EM will depend on the meta, it really hurts to give up any of them, but if you decide to not run portal you can switch EM for IH and run cleansing mantra. That way you have more vuln + rip from clone ambushes and damage from axe ambush, its also good for disengaging with sword, since clones will rupt anyone that tries to chase.

  • Dantheman.3589Dantheman.3589 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    For s/d daredevil I would 100% go strength for one since even the odds is better for bursting and provides might you will have pretty great might stacking, also since mug is still very important in bursting you want as much power modifiers which are best on strength and just terrible on something like thief and eagle and swipe is used in every situation so being behind them or them being below 50% hp won’t always happen. As far as taking marauders resilience, I’ve actually found that zerkers+ that, rune with hp like speed and trickster can actually do better a lot of the time except it is occasionally harder to 1v1 thief’s because of blind and no EF so maybe just run when against no thief’s. Dp I think there’s some variants to be aware of like DA DrD, which must take shadow portal and I think core is ok but I’m running hidden killer + valk rn which is just amazing against other thief’s so if there’s 2 thieves on enemy team I just play core dp, there’s not much you can do to put play full range steal + backstab(maybe mug) and stealth uptime except run away. Though I kind of agree with SA DrD for dp because it’s just very consistent atm.
    Good guide though, feel free to comment on my ideas too!
    Edit: I actually gave up on zerk s/d entirely unless against potatoes you might as well play the variant I mentioned with marauders and strength