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The hardest to solo story achievements?

What - in your opinon - are the hardest story (instanced) achievements? Not talking about the ones obviously marked as group content (like "migraine" in HoT). Currently I'm in episode 2 of living world season 3. LS2 had some hard ones. I remember the one instance where you played as Caithe near the end of LS2 and the boss was annoying and you needed to dodge stuff withoug getting hit by it. Still I managed to do it. The option to die and retry (achievement resetting) was nice.

Now having finished HoT besides the migraine I have the "flights of fancy" left to do. Seems like another hard one that requires lots of training + the fight is long. So I just skipped it for now.

Season 3 so far until episode 3 the one where you need to defend Aurene and keep her shield from falling below 50 percent seems like another hard one. Tried it like 20 times or so because of the skin and I don't know if I'm going to team up with someone or if I wait until later when I'm doing the story on other chars to see how other professions can do it. The enemies rushing Aurene (instead of aggroing you as usual normally) are annoying and at the last step before Lazarus appears when 3 groups are rushing it almost always goes below 50 percent. Feels almost like this had been intended for a group of 2-3 players (each one blocking one of the enemy groups). In the rare cases I managed to get them not to drop the shield below 50 later the last boss went for it and damaged it instead of focusing on fighting Lazarus (which he usually did in most other cases). Bad luck I guess ha ha. :D


  • Ayrilana.1396Ayrilana.1396 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Probably anything that relies on personal skill which you can get around by having another player. Examples being achievements that require you to avoid attacks which you can cheese by having someone else do all of the work or achievements that rely on a timer.

  • Melech.4308Melech.4308 Member ✭✭✭

    “Salt on the Wound” achievement in War Eternal for me. It could be helpful bringing in 2 or 3 friends but it is doable solo