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Looking for PvE Fractal Guild [NA] [semi-elitist]

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Hello, everyone. This is my first time posting on the forums. I have never needed to use the forums until now. I usually call myself a casual, however more and more things have left me with only this option. I am now going to refer to myself as elitist. There. I said it. I want to join any guild with dedicated CM and t4 fractal groups. Ive mained bannerslave for about 2 years now. However, im going to start playing other classes in fractals (namely dps). I have the gear for other classes and do well on the golem for them but I have yet to play most in fractals.

Now, I realize this is going to sound like a rant. However, I want you to know im already calling myself elitist. I am getting really tired of pugs. My static runs at off hours for me so I usually cant join them. But the pugs are the worst... now usually most people agree with that... but im talking about people with even 200ess. I have 45ess currently and lnhb. now most people might look at that and say well I am just a noob. I would normally agree. However, how can people with 200ess not have common sense? Yes, you are good at the game. No one is going to discredit that. But if you decide as the healer to force a full pug group to go and face tank all the mechanics, why then would you blame the Bannerslave whos doing more dps than a weaver and a DH (that died in the first half of the fight) for the near wipe? I am not saying that the healer was bad. The healer was one of the best healers ive ever seen. But a full pug group is not your static. Do the normal strat that everyone knows instead of just running in there because you yourself are a good player. If it was a static that is used to that I would understand. But then why blame the bannerslave for being bad when im top dps the whole fight WHILE TYPING.

I am tired of people without any common sense. Again, I used to think myself as a casual player... I really dont want to be elitist. But this is my last resort at an attempt to play fractals and enjoy them. When I was a noob I enjoyed fractals because I learned something new every day. Now what I think I need is like minded people that dont tolerate garbage. That being said, I dont want to come off as not understanding. I really dont care if people dont know the mechanics or cant dps as long as they try to learn and do better. And of course I want to joke around and have fun while doing fractals. its not meant to be hardcore. I love memeing around while doing fractals. Some of the best times ive ever had playing the game was with people who didnt have any clue what to do. Like once, in an old guild of mine, we took a level 60 through t4s because we could. Took 2 hours but we did it lol.

Anyway, if you are in a guild that does CMs and T4s daily I would greatly appreciate an invite. Can respond here or whisp/mail me in game at: black orca.1583