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the new troll

At this point i have to assume a huge majority of people have done the new escort instance. a few days ago i wouldnt mind spending 45 minutes on the final boss fight because i am taking in high consideration people may not know what to do. but then theres today. had two smooth as can be runs. two burned the boss no problem, awesome thank you to those in the runs! ans then. came this last run were i encountered the new type of troll. unless i am wrong on this. the tank is capped out at 4 people? it takes a minimum of 3 harpoons to break the final bosses bar. when you have a duo of trolls camping the tank not shooting any harpoons. you never break his bar. thats what just happened. i hope anet recognizes a problem here. because i can only see this getting worse the more people learn they can troll that fight.

my idea to prevent this is to have a "tank timer". you can only be in the tank for 30 seconds. and you get booted out for a 15 second cooldown. A) this eliminates the trolls. B) it will actually force everybody in the instance to use the tank. (is that not what anet wants us to do?) the idea is somewhat there in the fact ammo is limited. but it drops so often and you have crates all over the place. really pointless to have such a low ammo count.