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Helping with Jumping Puzzles

Hello everyone~
I know many of us have a good bit more time on our hands recently and I've noticed a good few people in game trying to take on bigger projects and complete things while they have the time. Because I've seen quite a few people needing it this week I just wanted to offer to help anyone in need of the following jumping puzzles:

Chalice of Tears in Ember Bay
Skipping Stones in Southsun Cove
Spekk's Labe in Caledon Forest
Morgan's Spiral/Dreamdark Enclave in Caledon Forest
Not So Secret in Gendaren Fields (Goggles and chest)

The Chalice of Tears in particular I've helped a few people with this week who are trying to pursue Aurora but if you are in need of any of the above puzzles and would like assistance I would be more than happy to port you free of charge. Just whisper or mail me in game and the next time I'm on I'll do my best to hook up with you and get you what you need. ^^

I am on NA just so people know as well.