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Tyria Song Contest 2020 signups

:3 Greetings! The Fool aka Freontwel here \o/

16th of May seems like a day in the future but it'll be upon us quicker than expected. Let me announce Tyria Song Contest.

Signups are now open!
We're looking for participants who can play ingame instruments, who can dance with fabulous ardor or who can give a flashy show. So unlike some song contest you're absolutely expected to play an instrument. If you're burning with the desire to show your love for music on stage and know fellow players in this area: Here's your chance! What are you in for? A ton of fun, an evening worth remembering and of course prizes (all participants will receive sth), but only one group shall win it all (infusions? ;) ). For now here's a quick set of rules, more in the signup form linked down below =)

  1. 1-6 performers playing a song of their choice
  2. A minimum of one actual instrument playing during the act
  3. Imaginative usage of consumables is allowed
  4. Max 3 minutes
  5. No macros for playing

If you want to know more about the Tyria Song Contest or If you're excited and simply wish to watch, there'll be more info later.

--> https://forms.gle/oYo23gzgYKKVdFFD6 <--