well i don't know english i will use the translator so sorry for anything. :) — Guild Wars 2 Forums
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well i don't know english i will use the translator so sorry for anything. :)

i play guild wars 2 for a while, the game is perfect it was the first MMORPG that has held me for so long the quests the Dg's the community that is undoubtedly the best i have ever found in any game :)) bad, today i'm here to ask why such a good game doesn't have a serious PT-BR translation? I play the whole game and I don't know almost anything about the story just what my friends tell me bad it gets to be 10% of 100% a lot of history is missing many friends here in Brazil incrusive my sister doesn't play because the game is English not everyone has an easy time with the language and much less financial conditions (time) to take a course and keep learning, I am learning by myself little by little I understand a little bit more I will not understand the history of the game and I don't even want to press CTRL + C = V to understand the story, not that it is not good, but I want to experience the game in PT-BR playing it managing to understand at the time with what goes on I believe it would be much more exciting :) as a player of guild wars 2 I don't have any criticism about the game at all, but sometimes it makes me a little sad when I try to finish a story and not understand anything like this new The iceblood with a new Elder Dragon from this LW I don't know anything about it what's up, so please not as just a bad player but as a fan of the game and a guy who unfortunately doesn’t have time and $$ to pay for a course would be very very very helpful if the game were translated not only to me how would draw the attention of several other Brazilian players who do not play for being English> < thanks and sorry for the nuisance :)


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    Same could be told for russian, italian, japanese, korean, arabic, etc...
    Sadly Anet did a choice of languages and chose only 5 :/
    However among those 5 there is spanish, is it so different from Portuguese/Brazilian (sorry for ignorance)?

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  • that man, you were not ignorant not quite the opposite :) i had forgotten spanish i am so used to english in standard that i forgot the other language but it would be a good thing they put a language for each country don't you think?

  • Já foi solicitado uma tradução pt-br à anos e a anet já disse que não vai fazer. O que faz sentido já que a comunidade BR no GW é bem pequena.

    Como o Zaraki recomendou, tem o espanhol que é uma alternativa para os BRs. Eu ainda recomendo o inglês, caso você tenha interesse em aprender outra linguá o jogo pode te ajudar bastante.