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My Legend of Zelda cosplays

Tazzuki.2648Tazzuki.2648 Member ✭✭
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Hey! I’ve always wanted to make a thread like is due to always enjoying making Zelda characters and I’m curious to what people think :D


Fierce Deity

This is my quick attempt at fierce deity! however I’m debating making the hair white.
I also know fierce deity would more likely be a guardian? And I’m still looking for the right hat to use.
I made him a Mesmer due to him being the hero of time so I can jump into regular link mode :D

Hero of time - (majoras mask)

I apologise for my low graphics I have a kitten PC xD I’m going for the old style of LoZ. I couldn’t find a suitable leg piece so it’s not perfect but it’s the closest I can get for now

Sheikah - Zelda OOT

My sheikah cosplay, I’m thinking of changing a few things! I didn’t like the long guild stuff because it didn’t quite fit it so I used a cape instead to show their iconic symbol.


I’m not entirely proud of this one due to picking the absolute wrong class for her. XD I accidentally picked warrior and then didn’t bother changing the profession for years. The head piece is perfect but everything else I think is quite wrong
In the future I’m thinking of making a ganon, maybe some botw stuff
Feel free to drop an image of what you’ve made below if you want to (I will keep editing as I make stuff in future)