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Community Events: #GW2ShinySquad

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edited April 3, 2020 in In-Game Events

Salutations! A new little idea to have an extra opportunity to organize various activities and events playing and enjoying together with the GW2 Community! ;)
#GW2ShinySquad will organize several activities regularly every week trying to bring together as many members of the Guild Wars 2 community as possible. There will be no day or time constraints; every week will be sent, via Twitter, the Official Forum of GW2 and the game itself, notifications relating to the various events shortly before they leave.


  • Various in-game activities will be organized weekly, especially related to Meta Eventi in the Living Story maps, so that the various currencies of each map will always be available, thus allowing you to always have access to the various pieces of equipment and various objects, even special ones , on sale by various specific vendors.
  • A Twitter post will be placed under the hashtag # GW2ShinySquad which will serve as notification for the event organized on that evening with indicative time.
  • The hashtag will also be inserted in the LFG in the game
  • A message will be sent in the chat of the map in question (/ map) if there are no Commander already
  • Now, let's go grab some SHINIES!


The Strike Missions will always be on the list, starting with the "Priority" and then proceeding with the others. For the first sessions of # GW2ShinySquad, such as Meta Eventi, we will start with Drakkar and Jora’s Keep, in the last map released Bjora Marches

  • Strike Mission (this activity will always have a certain priority over the others, as it also allows access to the various currencies of the maps previous to Bjora Marches, up to "Domain of Istan").
  • Drakkar Meta Event in Bjora Marches
  • Jora’s Keep Meta Event in Bjora Marches

I hope you'll like this new little idea and any useful feedback or contents to add to the rotation will always be welcome ! ;)