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Chair & sitting improvements

I remember that I wanted to see more in game improvements for RP like sitting, now that it's here I seldom use my chair and sit options. I think it's a good gesture to introduce it into the game, however it feels lacking. Sometimes your personal chair deploys at a strange angle... Other times the animation is far to stiff. Who sits that still and even when standing the player is way more animated than depicted when sitting... Hopefully they will introduce a classical horse mount, I didn't like the half griffon / horse thing nor the sparkly reindeer thing, but I hope they will realize there is a real market for traditional horse mounts :) Side note, love the equipment template, too bad We can't use more than 6...


  • anninke.7469anninke.7469 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 18, 2020

    Yup, some the chair-sitting animations are kinda lifeless. The basic chair in particular. Combined with the (at least my midget sylvari main) toon being too small for the chair and having his feet hanging above the ground the stiff posture makes him look like a naughty kid on a chair of shame...

    Anyway, as I'm much more of a head-canoneer than an RPer, I have a question - whats a roleplaying use of a mount that doesn't actually fit the setting all that well (as in "not a single NPC is ever seen using it")? Or maybe I just misunderstood and the horse request is not related to RPing...?

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  • furious.4327furious.4327 Member ✭✭
    edited April 15, 2020

    Oh not truly related, I like the horse mount, a lot of folks do, well better that than the horse headed unicorn griffon, lol But I thought they mentioned horses in game dialog though I haven't seen them... Side note, aren't the roller beetles illogical? Like why do they need the beetle if they use an energy source for hovering and the jet on the seat for boost propulsion? Why not just skip the beetle and make it a hover bike or add a wheel, lol I always wondered that...