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Do we have any deeper information about airships?

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Is there any more than what can be found on the wiki? I wanted to check if there's any difference between the Pact airships and some others and found out that I have no idea if such info even exists. Any tips, canon or fan-made?


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  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Well there isn't a lot of airships, you have the pact, who own two types: The small version, used everywhere who can be seen at fort trinity or Silverwastes; and the big version "mothership" used against Zhaithan in Arah story path aka "Glory of Tyria". Those don't have holographic parts on the top of them.

    Then, you have aetherblade airships: They have red holographic part and a "skull with a blade in its mouth" drawn on them. You can see them in Twilight Arbor aetherpath, in Aetherblade jumping puzzle and fractals. Note there is also one in domain of istan where the corsairs are, but I find it kinda big they forgot about technologies and don't look like Aetherblade members anymore... They are red because the Aetherblades was an alliance between Corsairs and Inquest, and Inquest favorite color is red.

    Finally you have the last one, a blue holographic airship with a lion drawn on it at lion's arch to bring you to Crystal Desert, it's Ellen Kiel Airship. And blue, I guess because owned by "good" person. The lion drawing is obviously telling it's owned by the lion's guard.

    This is about airships precisely. After, you have the charrs choppers and helicopters but that's another story. And the zephyrites ships but it's a wooden structures flying thanks to the several sails attached on them.

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    Trahearne once said they are the culmination of Charr, Human and Asuran technology.