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Mix one class gameplay with an other class look

Kulvar.1239Kulvar.1239 Member ✭✭✭

If you could mix one class gameplay with an other class look, what would you do ?

In my case, my dream is the look of Guardian skills and the gameplay of Revenant.
I love the overall blue fire. And Pharus goes well with it. Exordium is nice too.

On the other hand, Revenant with Focus would be amazingly good looking too doing Mallyx + Bindings of Ipos.

The weirdest but cool thing would be Engineer gameplay with Necromancer look. Rotting flesh turrets spewing projectiles, spitting fire.
Weird organic shaped kit wrapped around your arm to spit weird mucus, fart poison cloud, spit fire, ...

What would you pick ?


  • Reaper with daredevil staff play style
    The thing is u should enter shroud to gain the scythe that symbolizes reaper but with 7 scythe skins and daredevils staff skills it would make nec alot cooler
    In short iwant daredevil with reapers visual effect or reaper with daredevil staff skills xD

  • Kodama.6453Kodama.6453 Member ✭✭✭

    Engineer looks, deadeye playstyle.

    Just wish I could make my engineer become the deadly sniper.