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Misplaced Item ?

Today I finally completed all 4 of the (Mastery Point) elements one needs to craft a Legendary weapon. I have been wanting for a long time, to craft the HOPE pistol. I started gathering items and read where I needed to start my "journey" by speaking with Grandmaster Hobbs in LA. I looked at his wares and noticed a book called "HOPE Vol. 1" and decided I probably needed that. But it also said in red, "you already have that content unlocked". Had I purchased this months ago and just didn't remember ? I looked through my inventory (14 blocks) and each one of my 10 character's inventories and could not find that edition. What should I do ?
Should I take it on face value that I don't need it because the "content" is already unlocked ? Alternatively should I just purchase another ? This is either poor bookkeeping on my part or an oversight on the part of ArenaNet . What is particularly vexing is that there is an NPC standing next to Hobbs offering items I need, but may have lost, selling for nominal amounts of Karma. He doesn't have HOPE Vol. 1 for sale which would indicate that I actually still have that information in my inventory. What do I do ?


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