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The other night, I was standing near a wayport and another ranger zoned in. That Ranger had a black widow spider, which I had not obtained. The "Charm" button popped up. I had seen this happen before. I did not click the button, but wanted to know what happens if it do. Will it charm the pet for me? Does it affect the other Ranger - I suspect no, but not sure?

Anyone else seen this or actually done this? Should it be allowed?


  • Strider.7849Strider.7849 Member ✭✭✭

    I've tried, it's happened to me as well. Nothing happens even though you spam it. I've heard of players who encountered this bug when th game was first released and were able to obtain the black moa this way. I wonder if anet allowed them to keep it. I want that pet so badly.. is it against terms of service to offer GW2 currency as payment for someone to unlock it for you?

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    That pet is a reward from GW1. You would need to get it there.

    I am a very casual player.

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    Common bug yes.

    My guess is that Ranger pets spawn in the world before the player so there is a short period of time where the Pet is owned by a player who doesn't exist in the map yet so the pet bugs out and shows as a wild pet (no name or guild tag + charmable prompt) but it's still locked to someone else and cannot be tamed even if you press F to tame it.

    As for the Black Widow, That is a Gw1 exclusive pet like the Black Moa, White Raven and Rainbow Jellyfish.. you cannot tame them unless you have a Gw1 account linked to your Gw2 account and have earned X amount of points in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator.
    Can find that here but you will need a Gw1 account with Eye of the North and a Gw1 character name to see your unlocked rewards.

    This Gw1 to Gw2 reward system is still fully active as well, you can still buy Gw1 today, play it and unlocked these rewards in Gw2.
    Hell with the new Elite skills they just added to Gw1 as well I would highly recommend getting Gw1 atm, the game is very active right now and the new skills are definitely worth getting the item you need to spawn their bosses.. even if you don't you can always party up with someone else who has it and obtian them that way too.

    What I will say about these exclusive Ranger pets though.. they are cosmetic only.
    The Black Moa is identical to the Pink Moa.
    The Black Widow is identical to the Jungle Spider.
    Black and White Ravens are Identical.
    And the Rainbow Jellyfish is identical to the Blue Jellyfish.

    The only benefit to having them is completing the pet list and being able to double up on those specific pets and their skills.
    They provide no stat advantages or unique skills or anything like that.. they're basically just clones of an already existing Gw2 pet.

  • Hi guys, i started playing straight from GW2, what benefits would i get from downloading GW1 aside from obtaining the rare pets which i can see are not an upgrade on their respective "siblings".
    If so, should i download all expansion packs, ultimate collection or just the trilogy pack?

    Thanks guys

  • BunjiKugashira.9754BunjiKugashira.9754 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @Berry Daniel.9605
    You can find the full list of stuff than can be unlocked, as well as what you need to do to unlock them here:

    Possible unlocks:

    • Armor Skins
    • Weapon Skins
    • Pets
    • Minipets
    • Titles

    Note that you get the first three points just for linking your accounts.
    If you want to hunt for HoM points, I recommend getting all 3 campaigns plus eye of the north.
    EotN is a hard requirement as it's the place where you unlock the HoM points. EotN is not a standalone game, so you need at least one of the three standalone campaigns. I recommend getting all of them because every campaign has it's easy points. Getting rewards that require a lot of points becomes harder if you don't have that many sources to get points from.

    Bugtracker: Costume Brawl, Sunqua Clouds
    Announcementtracker: Alliances, Legendary Armory