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[CLOSED][NA][PvE]The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for New Members!

DivineBenediction.1870DivineBenediction.1870 Member ✭✭
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Not actively recruiting at the moment. Keep an eye out for forum posts in the future!



  • I'm interested in joining your guild! I have a feeling I might be a good contributor. Please let me know. I'm 40 year old from Canada and been playing online since 1996 but I'm a 1 month old player in GW2 and would not mind receiving advices from more senior players. Nick: Sylvain.2351

  • Hi! I'm a retunring player, can you invite me please?

  • hi i am new lf a active friendly guild so i does not feel like a solo game. i have a lot to learn so if you dont mind that i would like to join.

  • hello, may i receive a guild invite? i've recently returned to gw2, looking for a guild that i can commit to

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • I'm interested in checking out your guild.

  • Evrahelle.2165Evrahelle.2165 Member
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    Hi! I'm a returning player, I'm interested in joining your guild.

  • Still looking for new members. Feel free to leave a message here or send a PM in game!

  • Hello I would like to join, does the server matter I'm on Dragonbrand? Anyway hell I'd probably jump to another server regardless.

  • DivineBenediction.1870DivineBenediction.1870 Member ✭✭
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    No server does not matter.

  • Hi I'm interested in joining your guild! I'm a relatively new player and I'm not to familiar with guilds in this game.

  • I would like to join. I started playing about a month ago, and I'm excited to be part of a guild.

  • Both invites sent out!

  • Hello, I began playing last year but really got into it in the last couple months. I would love to be a member of your guild.

  • Invite sent!

  • touck.6179touck.6179 Member

    hi can you invite me new player

  • Hello! My girlfriend and I are looking for a chill PvE guild. This seems to be right up our ally! We're both super active and eager to explore the game.

  • hey, looking for a pve guild, been playing a while but mostly pvp, time to explore other parts of this game.

  • Hi, I'm a returning player from vanilla looking for a guild to ask questions in and do dungeons/fractals while I make my way through the expansions. Can I get an invite?

  • invites sent!

  • touck.6179touck.6179 Member

    hello sir i didn't get the invite
    can you invite me again ty

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • We've recruited a lot of wonderful people from here. We are still actively recuiting members!

  • Hi, im a returning player. Im interested in joining your guild. Thank you

  • Hello, newish player graduated from 12 years of World of Warcraft looking to join.

  • Echo.8496Echo.8496 Member

    im a returning player would be interested in joining

  • invites sent out!

  • Hi, I'm a returning player. Please could you send me a guild invite.

  • Hello, would you mind inviting me to join? I'm fairly new and love PvE. Would love to find a good group to play with.

  • We're still looking for new members!

  • Kor.8014Kor.8014 Member
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    I am a newer player and interested in join! Would love to get deeper into the games pve content myself.

  • Hi! I would love to join this guild. I am kinda new, soloed for a while to learn the systems, then used the level 80 boost and now I want to join some other players to learn even more!

  • Hello I a returning player from GW and would like to join the guild. I'm almost lvl 80 and would like to play with other people.

  • I am a new to GW 2 player returning from a long hiatus form gaming (kids/family). I have experience with GW1, WoW and Albion Online. I am working on my first GW 2 character (Mesmer) and will level others. I love playing with other people, helping other people, and exploring the game. I am looking for a guild that is a good fit.

  • neodome.7401neodome.7401 Member ✭✭

    Hey there. Your guild looks like a great fit for me. I'm looking for a solid group of people that are online to start learning fractals, dungeons and raids. I have done a bit of it a long long time ago, but I need to relearn most of it.

    I've had a few invites from guilds, but once I join there is barely anyone active at all. If you guys are active with lots of members helping that would be awesome!!

  • Both invites have been sent out!

  • Windingalo.9182Windingalo.9182 Member
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    Heya! I'm a returning player looking for an active guild. I'm on every now and then, even more right now, but if I had a community to join I'm sure I'll commit more time to the game. The Zephyr Knights looks like the kind of guild that would be perfect for me. I have 2 level 80 characters (Guardian and Revenant) and a smattering of other toons with a lot of MMO experience.

  • Hi. I'm a new player (somewhat new to MMOs in general) and am currently slowly leveling a Necromancer and have been playing solo. Looking to join a PVE guild for both learning, to make friends and hopefully become a better player. I'm 41 and happily married and trying to convince my wife to give GW2 a try! Very interested in playing a healer/support role as my next toon.

  • Hey DivineBenediction.1870 , I would like to join your Guild please!

  • This sounds like the guild Im looking for. i would love to join please and TY!

  • We're over 100 members currently. Still looking for individuals to join our group!

  • im on HOD for WVW but need a PVX guild

  • Over 120+ members, we're still looking for members to join our growing family.

  • Sent a mail in game but I'd be very interested in joining. Your group sounds like a great fit. I have several lvl 80 toons and have central tyria map completion on 2 so far. I'm looking to get into dungeons, fractals and raids. I'm mainly a PVE type of player but willing to try some pvp if needed. Thanks!!

  • May I join the guild? Plays about every evening and starting to explore some PvE contents.

  • Hello, I;m a returning player and I would lie to join to get back into raids and other pve content!

  • Mister Falafel.6430Mister Falafel.6430 Member
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    Hey, I am a returning player and I would be interested in joining your guild.

  • Invites all sent out. We're still looking for new members!

  • Hello! I am also a returning player interested in joining your guild so I don't play alone :) Thank you!!

  • Hi! Could I and my boyfriend join your guild? He's a returning player and I'm fairly new to GW2. We've been playing for 2 months. It would be really nice if we could play with cool people when one of us can't play that day!
    His IGN is Razendi.5068, mine is Pantera.6705. Thanks!! :3