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[NA][PvE]The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for New Members!

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Welcome to The Zephyr Knights [WIND] we are recruiting both veteran and casual members into our ranks!

Who We Are:
We are a 5 year old guild that focuses on PvE content of all kinds. Our members are a mix of new and veteran players, with some of us starting our Tyrian journey back in the days of Guild Wars, while other members have forged close friendships in Guild Wars 2.

Through many adventures this single guild has grown from just a small group of friends and family to an alliance that encompasses well over 300 members.

What to Expect:
We are primarily a North American guild, however we do have members who are located around the globe. We do not have structured WvW or PvP events, but we do focus on events such as Fractals, Strike Missions/Raids, Dungeons, World Boss Trains among other events.
We are part of an alliance of guilds, aptly named the Tyrian Wanderers Society.

What we Offer:
-Level 28 Gilded Hollow Guild Hall (daily harvesting nodes, various buffs that can be found in our tavern, our guild hall is still in the building stages, so if you have any ideas feel free to say so!
-Discord: Which is full of text and voice channels for you to use and bots that dispense information or rank you up the more you chat.
-We encourage all members to join and to be active in our alliance discord. Discord is one of the major foundations of the guild as it is often where important announcements are made, and where we gather for events, or just to chat with our fellow guildies. Of course, no pressure, voice chat isn’t required, but instead talk to us in chat to get to know us!
-Advice and help with gear progression, feel free to ask us questions, a person knowledgeable will be able to assist you.

What You NEED to Know:
-100% guild rep is not required.
-Involvement is key. You get what you put into the guild.
-As the guild continues to expand as a part of our extended coalition of guilds or the Tyrian Wanderers Society, there will be many open opportunities for growth into both low level and high level leadership.
-Our peak time is on evenings and weekends. (roughly an hour before reset for the weekdays)

Who To Contact:
-Feel free to leave a message in this forum post, or to contact myself in game @ DivineBenediction.1870 for an invite.



  • I'm interested in joining your guild! I have a feeling I might be a good contributor. Please let me know. I'm 40 year old from Canada and been playing online since 1996 but I'm a 1 month old player in GW2 and would not mind receiving advices from more senior players. Nick: Sylvain.2351

  • Hi! I'm a retunring player, can you invite me please?

  • hi i am new lf a active friendly guild so i does not feel like a solo game. i have a lot to learn so if you dont mind that i would like to join.

  • hello, may i receive a guild invite? i've recently returned to gw2, looking for a guild that i can commit to

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • I'm interested in checking out your guild.

  • Evrahelle.2165Evrahelle.2165 Member
    edited April 30, 2020

    Hi! I'm a returning player, I'm interested in joining your guild.

  • Still looking for new members. Feel free to leave a message here or send a PM in game!

  • Hello I would like to join, does the server matter I'm on Dragonbrand? Anyway hell I'd probably jump to another server regardless.

  • DivineBenediction.1870DivineBenediction.1870 Member ✭✭
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    No server does not matter.

  • Hi I'm interested in joining your guild! I'm a relatively new player and I'm not to familiar with guilds in this game.

  • I would like to join. I started playing about a month ago, and I'm excited to be part of a guild.

  • Both invites sent out!

  • Hello, I began playing last year but really got into it in the last couple months. I would love to be a member of your guild.

  • Invite sent!

  • touck.6179touck.6179 Member

    hi can you invite me new player

  • Hello! My girlfriend and I are looking for a chill PvE guild. This seems to be right up our ally! We're both super active and eager to explore the game.

  • hey, looking for a pve guild, been playing a while but mostly pvp, time to explore other parts of this game.

  • Hi, I'm a returning player from vanilla looking for a guild to ask questions in and do dungeons/fractals while I make my way through the expansions. Can I get an invite?

  • invites sent!

  • touck.6179touck.6179 Member

    hello sir i didn't get the invite
    can you invite me again ty

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • We've recruited a lot of wonderful people from here. We are still actively recuiting members!

  • Hi, im a returning player. Im interested in joining your guild. Thank you

  • Hello, newish player graduated from 12 years of World of Warcraft looking to join.

  • Echo.8496Echo.8496 Member

    im a returning player would be interested in joining

  • invites sent out!

  • Hi, I'm a returning player. Please could you send me a guild invite.

  • Hello, would you mind inviting me to join? I'm fairly new and love PvE. Would love to find a good group to play with.

  • We're still looking for new members!

  • Kor.8014Kor.8014 Member
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    I am a newer player and interested in join! Would love to get deeper into the games pve content myself.

  • Hi! I would love to join this guild. I am kinda new, soloed for a while to learn the systems, then used the level 80 boost and now I want to join some other players to learn even more!

  • Hello I a returning player from GW and would like to join the guild. I'm almost lvl 80 and would like to play with other people.

  • I am a new to GW 2 player returning from a long hiatus form gaming (kids/family). I have experience with GW1, WoW and Albion Online. I am working on my first GW 2 character (Mesmer) and will level others. I love playing with other people, helping other people, and exploring the game. I am looking for a guild that is a good fit.

  • neodome.7401neodome.7401 Member ✭✭

    Hey there. Your guild looks like a great fit for me. I'm looking for a solid group of people that are online to start learning fractals, dungeons and raids. I have done a bit of it a long long time ago, but I need to relearn most of it.

    I've had a few invites from guilds, but once I join there is barely anyone active at all. If you guys are active with lots of members helping that would be awesome!!

  • Both invites have been sent out!

  • Windingalo.9182Windingalo.9182 Member
    edited May 14, 2020

    Heya! I'm a returning player looking for an active guild. I'm on every now and then, even more right now, but if I had a community to join I'm sure I'll commit more time to the game. The Zephyr Knights looks like the kind of guild that would be perfect for me. I have 2 level 80 characters (Guardian and Revenant) and a smattering of other toons with a lot of MMO experience.

  • Hi. I'm a new player (somewhat new to MMOs in general) and am currently slowly leveling a Necromancer and have been playing solo. Looking to join a PVE guild for both learning, to make friends and hopefully become a better player. I'm 41 and happily married and trying to convince my wife to give GW2 a try! Very interested in playing a healer/support role as my next toon.

  • Hey DivineBenediction.1870 , I would like to join your Guild please!

  • This sounds like the guild Im looking for. i would love to join please and TY!

  • We're over 100 members currently. Still looking for individuals to join our group!

  • im on HOD for WVW but need a PVX guild

  • Over 120+ members, we're still looking for members to join our growing family.

  • Sent a mail in game but I'd be very interested in joining. Your group sounds like a great fit. I have several lvl 80 toons and have central tyria map completion on 2 so far. I'm looking to get into dungeons, fractals and raids. I'm mainly a PVE type of player but willing to try some pvp if needed. Thanks!!

  • May I join the guild? Plays about every evening and starting to explore some PvE contents.

  • Hello, I;m a returning player and I would lie to join to get back into raids and other pve content!

  • Mister Falafel.6430Mister Falafel.6430 Member
    edited May 24, 2020

    Hey, I am a returning player and I would be interested in joining your guild.

  • Invites all sent out. We're still looking for new members!

  • Hello! I am also a returning player interested in joining your guild so I don't play alone :) Thank you!!

  • Hi! Could I and my boyfriend join your guild? He's a returning player and I'm fairly new to GW2. We've been playing for 2 months. It would be really nice if we could play with cool people when one of us can't play that day!
    His IGN is Razendi.5068, mine is Pantera.6705. Thanks!! :3