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Modi Operandi [Modi] | NA | Dragonbrand | New Casual Guild Recruting

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Modi Operandi is a new guild that has recently started

Why join?

  • While we are largely based in the Dragonbrand Server, we accept members from anywhere. We play GW2 casually, and we are always willing to help our members with Fractals/Dungeons/Gearing as much as possible.. We play for fun, not only the fun of the game itself but the fun of playing the game with guild members and friends. Join and help us make [Modi] as great as it can be!

  • People are always online in Discord and there is generally someone in-game (though not always, at least not yet.), ready to talk and ready to play. What we are searching for are members who want to help build the guild from the ground up, and for those who will be patient while we get the guild to where we want it to be. Members will trickle in and out, and that's normal, but we want those few who will stick.

  • Each member is an integral part of the community that allows it to grow. Without them, the community can’t exist. [Modi] is a place to spend your spare time and enjoy yourself – no drama, no BS.

  • We will begin doing guild activities as soon as we get enough members, so please dont be discuraged!

  • Interested in being a part of this? Pm me in-game or send me a mail if i'm not online Emjii.1905

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