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[Suggestion] Time travel, Wizard's Tower and 2 New Dragons

Temujin.7356Temujin.7356 Member ✭✭

On the subject of the Wizard's Tower, how about using it as a "Tardis" type machine where our heroes go back in time to fix a catastrophic situation. Let's say we pit Jormag vs Primordus and using the same machine Balthazar used to syphon their power but then the Sea Dragon surprises us and drain both their powers, resulting in a transformation into a six-headed hydra (one head for each elder dragon absorbed). Yeah, now its nigh-unstoppable but then Livia shows up and takes us to the Wizard's Tower when Vekk (still alive) and his father Gadd (successful time travel mission brought him back alive) intends to change time.
I could see so much potential with story as maybe WE were the ones who brought Aurene to eat Joko and save our past self. Or we fall so back in time we end up in old Ascalon with a certain bunch of heroes for hire (Mhenlo, Devona, Cynn, Eve, etc). Also, in the Wizard's Tower Devona could look thru a dimension mirror and she herself as a Forged saying something like "Brr....Cynn I just got this chill....If I ever get turned into one of those...."
Wizard's Tower has been on many of our minds as to if it ever will be a thing but what exactly should it be used for? Any thoughts?
Also, its been explained Omadd's machine showed 6 orbs which correspond to elder dragons (we think) but how about it showing only the elder dragons centered around Tyria. There should be a Celestial Dragon from the Kunavaang / Way No Suun thing and if the devs want a scarier feel like in Icebrood Saga (they want a Cthulhu feel) then how about a making a Nightmare Dragon (think Invasion of the Bodysnatchers) where if you fall asleep, it may take possession of you. And I'm sure Queen Jenna can use her mesmer magic to shield Divinity's Reach like she did in "Head of the Snake" and the asura has similar shielding but everone one else is fair game.
So any thoughts on time travel, Wizard's Tower and new Elder Dragons? I would love to hear them please.


  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I want to go there, always have since Gw1.

    I want to find out what the deal is with it and why people who go there are never seen again.

    My theory is that Isgarren plays the role of benevolent wizard but is secretly some kind of twisted evil psychopath who performs experiments on the people of Garenhoff.
    Maybe he's both an Elementalist and a Necromancer who secretly murders the people he invites to the castle and binds their spirits and corpses with various elements trying to create some kind of Elemental Minion hybrids but has not been successful yet and his failed elementals which were once people, he tortures into submission and gives to the townspeople as guards.
    The Townspeople being greatful to Isgarren have accepted these twisted creatures as guards while being completely unaware that they could be enslaving their own tortured and dead family members.. while praising the man who did it.

    All the Elementals he provides are Earth and Ice, perhaps Fire and Lightning elements are too volatile for his experiements and destroy the spirits or the corpses of the people he's experimenting on.
    Earth and Ice elements have more in common with Necromancy than the others elements do which also might be why all the Elemental Guards are these specific types.

    That's just my theory on it.. there's really not much to go on with this Tower tbh but it's something I've wanted Anet to revisit for many many years now.

  • I for one would like something (a raid, fractal, strike mission) done within the wizards tower.

    It's a cool area and a natural to fill out, even if the life is not part of the main story.

  • Dustfinger.9510Dustfinger.9510 Member ✭✭✭
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    The problem with having a time machine under our control is that we then have nothing to worry about. It's an instant "I win" button. Either, we have an infinite amount of tries to get it right or there is simply no answer to the problem. Controllable time machines are the story tellers equivelant of the very first character we all make in RP. Super awesome, and really tough, and smart, and an expert hand to hand fighter and never misses a shot, and he wasn't surprised becasue he's always scanning the area for threats and any blow that lands isa glancing blow and he's doing you a favor by admiring you for even doing that much to him in his awesomeness. Also, he's half dragon-half tiger-half elf but he took all his beauty from his elf mother and the elves all hate him for his mongrel heritage but they secretly wish they were as awesome. And the elf princess loves him but can never be with him, even though they had a secret magical night that no one will ever know about but them two.

    Bonus points if you are the kid of that magical night.

  • Temujin.7356Temujin.7356 Member ✭✭

    Not necessarily so. They could make it unstable energy/uncontrollable that way it won't be our McGuffin. Asura stuff tends to be unreliable anyways. Also, the biggest take from this is that the Devs can redo the Zhaitan fight! or have Zhaitan not die and we get a REAL fight.

  • Konig Des Todes.2086Konig Des Todes.2086 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Time travel is always a very, very iffy device for a story that isn't fundamentally revolving around that act of time travel, and I don't think it's possible to make it work in an MMO, especially hashing it into the storymidway.

    Fractals of the Mists, and Season 4 with the reality rifts merging fractals from the past into the world, is the closest that this game should get to time travel.

    As to the suggested plot by OP.... yeah, no. It reads like a horrible fan-fiction that lives, eats, and breaths the rule of cool if the rule of cool was defined by "most ambitious crossover with over-the-top and impractical disastrous events that get miraculously solved because kitten it, it's plot armor". Which is the guaranteed way to making a visually cool but narratively horrible story.

    And as for Wizard's Tower - I'm not opposed to finally doing something with it, but whatever's done has to be very carefully done because it's basically a 20 year mystery at this point, being tied to the first quest ever done for GW way back when.

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    Time travel : How to make your story inconsistent in 1 easy step !