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Was the Pact Commander Affected by the Miasma

I never got a chance to play Living World Season 1, but from what I can tell the Pact Commander was there at the time of the Miasma being spread around Lion's Arch. Were they affected at all?


  • Neither of those mentioned the Commander getting sick or not getting sick

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    Well, there's been no mention of Scarlett's Rattle, so I'd guess the Commander did not get sick. At least, nothing permanent.

    If I remember correctly, there were some transient effects when standing in the Miasma.

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    Wouldn't the story be more fun if the commander was asthmatic and wheezing by the 2nd dodge?

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    If I remember correctly encountering miasma in LA caused your health to drop gradually, a bit like the poison condition (except you couldn't remove or prevent it, you had to get out of the area) - it was used to make some areas more difficult to access and to justify only letting us in for one event cycle.

    But as other people have said the commander was never exposed to high levels of it. In the story your character wasn't in LA when Scarlet first attacked, so they didn't get hit with the first wave. The Lionguard closed off entrances to the city and would only allow groups in to search for survivors when the miasma subsided (this is the in-universe justification for the event running on a timed cycle). Once inside your first task was to stop Scarlet's allies deploying more of it, and your success in that determined how long you had for everything else (there were other miasma events throughout the meta). Then you had to rush out again before the levels got too high.

    I'm sure it wasn't good for them, but neither is a lot of the stuff the commander does. But there weren't any permanent effects that we know of.

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    My helmet covered my face back then so I - as the Commander- was unaffected

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    ANet avoids having any kind of permanent characteristic applied to the Commander because "blank template".

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    @Teratus.2859 said:
    In short we were never exposed to high levels of it..

    We could only enter Lions Arch once the levels have subsided and when those levels started to rise again we had to flee the city or end up dead from it.

    Luckily the battle for LA only happened in two events. The escape, and then the retaking. There was no "fleeing the city again" as the battle to retake the city happened a single time, with Scarlet's death.