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[EU][PvE][AG] Ghost Riders of Tyria [HOME] - - A Social Casual but Active PvE-Guild on Aurora Glade

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Hello and a warm welcome to Ghost Riders of Tyria [HOME], we are a collective of new and veteran players that have come together to form a family feel guild. If you are looking for non-elitist, chill and fun environment to enjoy the game then check us out.

[HOME] is a dedicated PvE guild with active members that enjoy a variety of content ranging from world bosses and map events to fractals and raids. We are committed to creating a friendly and wholesome atmosphere in game and in our Discord server.

What can we offer you?

  • Active & helpful members and a guild where you feel at Home
  • Raid training
  • Daily fractals at all levels including training
  • Mid-week events, ( which range from Pub Quiz to Fashion Wars 2.0 till World-Boss train and everything in between. )
  • Bi-weekly Charr Warband roleplay events
  • Guild missions
  • Discord voice and text community

The idea behind Ghost Riders of Tyria is to have someone to play with, regardless of what you feel like playing.
There are no experience or hour based requirements, all we ask is that applicants be helpful, friendly and respectful to each other,
We also have a unique system in place, where the Guild is being lead by the United Front.
A sort of senate, where any Guildie, no matter the rank or time spend in guild, can really help out and have a impact on the Guild.
So we hope to see you soon and welcome you to our family feeling and make you feel right at [HOME]

To join our guild, you can click on the link here : --------> Join to Guild <---------
Fill in the Application and you will be contacted within 24 hours.