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[EU] Evermind [Static Raid Team] 8/10

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Evermind [EVER] is a small raid guild that focuses on keeping a steady roster of the same 10 players every raid.

We meet up 2 days a week to raid. Thursday’s and Sunday’s from 19:00-23:00 CEST.
If this don’t work for you there is no need to read further.

Who are we looking for?
First and most importantly, a dedicated player. Having someone join the group only to not care about showing up is the most annoying thing we encounter when trying to find new players, so being able to show up, and if something comes up that you can’t get away from, giving a heads up about not coming that day is very important.

Someone who can speak. We have been through a few members who did not speak, and we had more in the start who didn’t but have now opened up more. I do feel that as such a small guild, being able to talk to each other is important, and there is no fun raiding if we can’t keep a conversation during the raid.

What class/classes do we need?
Were looking for a warrior cps main
And a DPS main, (preff condi and power)
The more classes you have access to and are experianced with the better.

What experience do you need to join?
We are looking for someone who is experienced with all current raid wings.

Questions i’d like you to answer:
* Age?
* Country/timezone?
* Do you have a mic/Can you speak?
* Previous raid experience/LI’s?
* Classes geared for raid?
* Classes available but not fully geared for raid?
* Does our raid days fit you?
* Anything you want to add?
* Any Questions for us ?

Things you need to know about us
* We are not perfect, but who is.
* If you are easily offended then you might not fit in with us.
* We do this to have fun

Please send your application to me through a PM here on the forum, don’t leave a reply in this thread.
Also if you have questions for me, feel free to ask those as well, both here on the forum or in game on my character Linkade.9658

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope to hear from you


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