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Mesmer Focus Still a Thing?

excelsior.2168excelsior.2168 Member ✭✭

Way back, I made the Minstrel because I honestly loved the pull of the focus and the whirly axe phantasm. But looking at metabattle it seems the mesmer focus isn't as widely used? Just wondering if I should move my Minstrel to another character that better utilizes the focus. And if yes, which classes seem to use the focus more? From what I've seen on my brief foray is the guardian and maybe the ele (?). I could be wrong.


  • Taril.8619Taril.8619 Member ✭✭✭

    Mesmer Focus is still a thing.

    It's used as a secondary offhand for Power builds because it does a bunch of damage. Snow Crows utilizes Sword/Sword + /Focus in their Power Chrono build for example.

    Meanwhile, it's also used in Power Mirage and both Power and Support Chrono WvW builds (I assume due to the fact that it provides AoE proj deflect)

    It only really drops off in sPvP where Condi Mirage sees more play and so Pistol + Torch become the preferred off hands.

    If you do want to move your Minstrel over to another class (Bearing in mind, they are working on a Legendary Armory that will allow all characters to access Legendary weapons without needing to swap them over constantly) then other classes that use Focus a lot are:

    • Power Guardian (Scepter/Focus + Greatsword is meta right now with also Firebrand using Axe/Shield + Scepter Focus in sPvP)
    • Power Necro (Axe/Focus is the pairing with GS)
    • Some Condi Necro (Mostly for Axe/Focus in PvP/WvW due to its burst Lifeforce generation)

    Ele doesn't use Focus much these days. Weaver sticks to Dagger OH while Tempest uses their Warhorn. (With Staff being the go to for WvW). It's only in sPvP where it's very popular to go Dagger/Focus on both Tempest and Weaver. Which makes sense, given that Ele focus is heavily defensive.

  • excelsior.2168excelsior.2168 Member ✭✭

    I had no idea about the legendary armory! That is so cool!

    Thank you for the build links! I only knew of metabattle. Glad to know that mesmer focus is still a thing! Literally makes me so happy! :D

    I'm looking at the builds and they all seem to be geared towards raids. I'm assuming these builds can still work for open world PvE?

    Again thank you so much for the build links! Going to have to start and explore :)

  • Taril.8619Taril.8619 Member ✭✭✭

    @excelsior.2168 said:
    I'm looking at the builds and they all seem to be geared towards raids. I'm assuming these builds can still work for open world PvE?

    Yeah, they can work in open world. Snow Crows is a primarily raid focused site, with it being created by really good players who are min/maxing their DPS and Support capabilities. But it happens that being able to kill stuff dead is a focus that's applicable in a number of PvE scenarios :p

    So, if you want you can adapt some of them, such as whacking a GS on to help with tagging mobs in open world events or using gear that's a bit more defensive (Such as Maurader gear instead of Berserker and Carrion/Trailblazer instead of Viper)