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[Forum issue] » show previous quotes (and more?)

@Mikuchan.7261 said:
» show previous quotes
This is sorta exploitable and should be fixed I think.
The link doesn't lead to quotes, it leads to the guild wars 2 page.

Perhaps filter it out somehow or make it another color, font, size or something so that it stands out more.
There are larger spaces between the lines around the real one, yes, but I think this is a bit too similar and could easily pass if you just eye through and want to know what someone said, not thinking much about it.
The reason that this is a problem while normal links don't necessarily are is that this is a forum feature that should inherently be trusted. For links, people should know to always check where they lead and if you click a link, you know you click a link and you're prepared for it.
Now, there is the feature to tell people they're leaving the domain, but that doesn't necessarily help if you don't think about it but just click past it because you want to see those quotes. You didn't click a link after all, so there should be no problem.

Also, I'm not sure if this intended or not?
But it's totally possible.


  • Huh! When I mouse-over it, it says it is taking me to the Guild Wars site page, not Guild Wars 2 site page.

    Very odd.

  • @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    Huh! When I mouse-over it, it says it is taking me to the Guild Wars site page, not Guild Wars 2 site page.

    Very odd.

    That's odd.
    I could have sworn I used the GW2 one.
    Replying to it gives the link for GW1 though, as does clicking it.
    It could be some (very) weird bug, but I guess it's more likely I'm remembering wrong.
    I could also have sworn that I tested it and didn't get an external link warning to the GW2 page because it's the same domain or something.
    I did the font and color stuff afterwards and I tried to format the link with paragraphs and stuff so it might have gotten removed in the process I suppose.

  • BlueIce.6951BlueIce.6951 Member ✭✭✭

    I am not sure if this is where I should post this so if someone knows of a better location/method, please point me towards it.

    It appears that the Search function is not currently working. I used it the morning of 9/15 edt successfully, but I am not getting results on any search now.

    In both cases I am using Chrome on a Windows 10 system.

    Currently attempting all Legendary Journey collections at once.

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