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Looking for Static Raid Group

133 LI warrior main (cPS) and relatively inexperienced raider looking for help with learning Wing 2 and Xera (fights I haven't got yet) and hopefully a static raid group for weekly clears. I have pugged for about half a year with cPS, DPS Chrono, Power DH and Druid geared. Okay at warrior and DH, pretty bad at the others, message me in game or on the forums.


  • We are a relatively experienced raid guild with a large enough core group that we raid twice a week. We are currently working our way through wing 3 (and have recently gotten to xera) which will be the last wing we need to get before we start weekly clears.
    We run at 7pm UK time on wednesday and sunday (with training groups on tuesday for less experienced members, or people who want to try new classes/builds)
    If you are interested give me a shout.