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[EU-NA][RP PVE focus] The Tamugra Clan - Join the discord! Recruiting now!

Maximus Secundus.2630Maximus Secundus.2630 Member ✭✭
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                               CURRENTLY RECRUITING!

We are filth, the outcasts, the broken, the innocent, the banished.. maybe we deserved our fates as outcasts of our communities,
maybe we were innocent people being framed for things we did not do. Whatever our backstory and whatever our race may be;
we are united in one goal and one vision. We are the Tamugra Clan. We will continue to live on no matter what hardship or punishment we face;
and we will thrive in Tyria until our banner reaches every corner of this damned world.

We from the Tamugra Clan strive not only to create a roleplay guild to play together and with other guilds to enhance our roleplay, but we want strive to create a tight
roleplay community open to new players to both roleplay and the clan. We are a relaxed guild but have more hardcore members as well and we are always RP > PVP.
Our members are mainly from EU – US and our server is located in the EU.

Let’s jump straight into the deep water here: why should you join this server and not one of the many others out here?

-we have experienced roleplayers as admins
-our clan is focussed on democracy; there wont be major changes without a server vote first and we do everything to avoid having arrogant server tyrants
-we wish to have a weekly or biweekly server story line as our server grows (Optional!)
-the community comes first
-we are open to new people to both the game and roleplay
-we will never abandon our RP core!

Join our discord to apply and get acces! https://discord.gg/9HkHWme
Or contact me directly MaximusSecundus#1215